Thunderwing Returns is a sequel to Thomas' Adventures of Transformers Prime: The Movie.


Thunderwing attempts to resurrect himself using Dark Energon by controlling Twilight's mind. Now it's up to Ryan and the gang to get Thunderwing out of Twilight's mind and keep her and the Matrix away from Thunderwing as much as they can.


Optimus' checkover/Thunderwing talks to Twilight

The film starts off with recaps of Thomas' Adventures of Transformers Prime: The Movie before going to Ratchet concluding his tests on Optimus Prime and gives their leader a clean bill of health. Optimus says thanks to Ratchet and thanks Twilight for ending Thunderwing's life during their battle with him. In truth and unknown to any of the others, Thunderwing's psych still dwells in Twilight's mind and he's determined to reclaim his own body. The theme song from Transformers: Prime plays. After the song, Twilight regains control of her body and



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