This is Thunderwing and Ryan F-Freeman vs Grand King Ghidorah goes in Rebirth of Ryan III.

[Ryan looks around]

Matau T. Monkey: You see someone up there, Master Ryan?!

Ryan F-Freeman: Not yet. [to Thunderwing] Thunderwing? Is the dragon here?

Thunderwing: No.

Crash Bandicoot: You do know the half of it, mate. After Ghidorah is gone, we could do a "Ryan and Thunderwing defeated the three-haded dragon party".

Sierra: Although that is very catchy.

Ryan F-Freeman: But, me and Thunderwing will be ready for him. For Primus and....

Thunderwing: My master. Unicron the Destroyer.

[Grand King Ghidorah climbs up a mountain]

Ryan F-Freeman: There he is! [activates his jetpack] For you, Twilight!

Twilight Sparkle: Good luck, Ryan. My friend.

Conker The Squirrel: Ryan! Wait for me! [clings onto Ryan as he jets off]

[Grand King Ghidorah spots Thunderwing and fires his gravity beams but Thunderwing jumps out of the way]

Conker The Squirrel: Looks like you got his attention, Thunderwing! Fly!

[Grand King Ghidorah fires his electric bolts from his wings but Ryan refects them with his Keyblade]

Thunderwing: Whoa.

[Grand King Ghidorah got hit by lightning]

Ryan F-Freeman: Grand King Ghidorah! Three headed dragon!

Thunderwing: Your destruction...

Ryan F-Freeman: Is at hand? Is that right, Thunderwing?

Thunderwing: Yes, Ryan. In fact, you're a better Thunderwing then I am.

Ryan F-Freeman: At least we got him outnumbered 2 to 1.

Grand King Ghidorah: [roars] (translation: 2 to 3!)

Sci-Ryan: Make that 4!

Grand King Ghidorah: [roars] (translation: 3 is me!)

Sci-Ryan: Ok. Ok. You do know nothing of power.

Ryan F-Freeman: Do you know what real power is, Grand King Ghidorah?

Grand King Ghidorah: [roars] (translation: You dare think me, the King of Terror, know nothing about real power?!)

Matau T. Monkey: I know it. True power is simple determination. Making the impossible possible through mere force of will!

[Matau makes a shockwave that makes the 3 headed dragon grunt]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thunderwing risked everything in pursuit of power. He give into it. Body and spark. Now, get ready to be beaten by the Prime-prince and the one who have risked everything!

Grand King Ghidorah: [roars] (translation: That may be so, but I defeated you before when I first arrived and I can defeat you again.)

Sci-Ryan: I guess that makes you the dragon who risks nothing.

Crash Bandicoot: Ok, boys. Go get him.

Ryan F-Freeman: [points his Keybalde] Well let's do this then. Ready, Thunderwing?

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