This is how Thunderwing and Unicron talk goes in Bumblebee's Bot Force.

Unicron: Thunderwing.

Thunderwing: Master.

[Thunderwing bows down to Unicron]

Unicron: We need to discuss something important.

Thunderwing: What is it, my master?

Unicron: You know those three flying humans? The ones that brought you back to life?

Thunderwing: Yes. And Ryvine and Rothbart are with them.

Unicron: Who would be more serving? You or them?

Thunderwing: Me! Your greatest creation. Bringing you what you've always wanted: Power beyond your wildest dreams. And it's only the beginning.

Unicron: I would hate to think you are being loyal to someone else other than your creator.

Thunderwing: Never. My loyalty is to you and you alone.

Unicron: I know.

Thunderwing: Anyways, No one will stop us now.

Unicron: There's only one who can stop us. That purple Alicorn.

Thunderwing: Or imagine if she joined us.

[Thunderwing projects an image to show him]

Unicron: That's the princess and the student of Primus?

Thunderwing: Yes, my lord.

Unicron: Who are they?

Thunderwing: The princess is Twilight Sparkle and the techno-organic is Ryan F-Freeman?

Unicron: Hmm.

Thunderwing: So what do you think?

Unicron: So, Ryan became a Prime and is friends with a princess from the Swan Princess?

Thunderwing: Imagine if we could get Princess Twilight Sparkle to join us.

Unicron: Yes.

Thunderwing: Ryvine would make her his minion.

Unicron: I got just the ones to help us.

Thunderwing: Who?

Unicron: Ryalight Glimmer, Ryvine and Rothbart.

Thunderwing: These villains are more serving. Better then me.

Unicron: You know about this Yokai is helpng the so called Bot Force. Including the student of Primus.

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