This is how Thunderwing claims the Dark Spark goes in Rise of the Dark Spark.

[We see Earth]

Thunderwing: Earth, a primitive planet,

Crash Bandicoot: I see the object. It looks Cybertronian.

Ryan F-Freeman: By the Allspark. It can't be.

Thomas: What? Is that the Matrix of Leadership?

Ryan F-Freeman:

[They see Thunderwing flying towards them]

Ryan F-Freeman: Guys, Thunderwing isn't here for us. He seeks to gain possession of the Dark Spark.

Crash Bandicoot: What is this Dark Spark? A weapon?

[Thunderwing grabs the Dark Spark]

Thunderwing: The Dark Spark, created by Unicron, himself.

Ryan F-Freeman: Give me the Dark Spark, Thunderwing!

Thunderwing: And what price will you pay for it, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: That is not a toy to give over. It's too dangerous! You are messing with powers you don't understand. Do the right thing, Thunderwing and give this to me.

Thunderwing: How honorable. You really are a Prime-Prince. Alas, I see no payment in giving you my prize. I decline.

[Thunderwing puts the Dark Spark in his chest. Ryan, Crash, and Thomas try to stop him, but Thunderwing stomps his foot to the ground and everything freezes in place]

Thunderwing: Oh, Ryan. Can't you see I've already won. [unfurls his wings] You just don't know it yet.

[Thunderwing flies away just as everything unfreezes]

Ryan F-Freeman: [yells angry]

Crash Bandicoot: Come back here, you coward!!!

Ryan F-Freeman: I thought this day would never come.

Thomas: What's the matter, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: We've just witness a dark Cybertronian legend come to life.

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