This is how Thunderwing comes for Queen Chrysalis goes in Out of Twilight's Head.

[The fight between the Autobots, ponies, Soundwave, and Changelings continues]

Starscream: Don't the Autobots and Ponies seem... understaffed?

[They hear an engine and see Optimus Prime coming]

Queen Chrysalis: What good is a captain who fails to watch the Queen's flank?!

[Queen Chrysalis fires her horn beam at Optimus but he leaps up and brings out his sword and strikes her. Queen Chrysalis flaps her wings and thrusts Twilight and Optimus to the ground and then flies towards them, magic at the ready]

Queen Chrysalis: Thunderwing's biggest mistake was letting you live, Prime and Princess! I intend to fix that mistake!

[Thunderwing grabs Queen Chrysalis]

Optimus and Twilight: [together] Thunderwing.

Rainbow Dash: He's back.

[Thunderwing, with Queen Chrysalis, flies to the Changeling Castle and Thunderwing throws Queen Chrysalis and lands in front of her and furls his wings]

Queen Chrysalis: Thunderwing? You... are... You're healed! Oh, thank Star Swirl! It is a miracle.

Thunderwing: Oh it will be a miracle, Chrysalis. If you can survive what I have planned for you!

[Queen Chrysalis tries to fly away but Thunderwing throws her against the wall]

Queen Chrysalis: But... Optimus... Twilight... The Element bearers. Down there. Waiting for you.

Thunderwing: My biggest mistake! I have made many. But there is one I do not intend to make again!

Queen Chrysalis: [chokes as she wriggles in Thunderwing's grasp] No! Thunderwing! NOOOOOOOO!

[Twilight and Optimus watch Thunderwing and the changelings leave]

Twilight Sparkle: Well, that's the end of that.

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