This is how Thunderwing defeats the Mane Six goes in

[Thunderwing appears]

Thunderwing: You are no match for Dark Energon.

Twilight Sparkle: Oh, yeah?

Rainbow Dash: You're joking.

Pinkie Pie: Ha!




Thunderwing: Witness the power of Dark Energon.

[Thunderwing fires a blast of Dark Energon at the Mane Six and it hits them and Dark Energon spikes come out of the Mane Six and they fall down in defeat.]

Twilight Sparkle:

Rainbow Dash:

Pinkie Pie:




Thunderwing: Yes. Yes! The most powerful Equines in Equestria AND the wielders of the Elements of Harmony ARE MINE! Equestria shall hear Unicron's name AND TREMBLE!

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