This is how Thunderwing in Twilight's mind goes in Cybonic Plague.

Ratchet: Optimus we have the formula. Disconnect Twilight now!

[He does so]

[Thunderwing's dream]

Thunderwing: You were watching. You tricked me!

[The scene begins to crack]

Thunderwing: No! Take me with you! TAKE ME!

[In reality]

Optimus Prime: Hurry Twilight.

[Twilight comes to]

Queen Chrysalis: What in! Intruders!

Arcee: Allow me.

[She fires at the cable and it explodes]

Queen Chrysalis: It was the inevitable outcome.

[Soundwave points to the direction the Autobots and Ponies were]

Queen Chrysalis: Of course, it would be wrong to allow Thunderwing to perish at an Autobot's hand. Starscream.

[Starscream reconnects the cable]

[At Canterlot]

[At the Changeling Castle]

Queen Chrysalis: And how is the patient doing today?

Starscream: Funny you should ask. Not sure what the 'bots and ponies did in there, but Thunderwing's registering zero brain-wave activity.

Queen Chrysalis: Meaning?

Starscream: Physically, he's stable, but now there's no one home.

[At Canterlot, everyone is still celebrating to notice Twilight's eyes suddenly turn purple and sees Thunderwing's corpse in her mind and Thunderwing's eyes: Thunderwing is now occupying Twilight's mind]

Thunderwing: [in Twilight's mind] I'm out. Or should I say in. Ha ha ha ha.

[To be continued...]

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