This is how Thunderwing returns to his body goes in The Cutie Map.

[The Autobots are in their cell, Bumblebee pacing in anger]

[They hurry to the Cutie Mark Vault]

Ratchet: The Cutie Mark Vault.

Starlight Glimmer: Why would Twilight come here?

Optimus Prime: I fear Thunderwing's mind is dominant, and clearly he came here for one purpose -- To use the Dark Energon to resurrect his own body.

Starlight Glimmer: No. Twilight would never let him do that. Just like she didn't let Thunderwing hurt me back in town.

Ratchet: I hope you're right.

[Optimus Prime, Ratchet, and Starlight then see Twilight plugging her horn into a patch attached to Thunderwing's head]

Starlight Glimmer: Ratchet, don't hurt Twilight.

Ratchet: That's not Twilight.

[Ratchet goes over to Twilight, Optimus and Starlight following]

Optimus Prime: Twilight!

[Twilight's eyes return to normal]

Twilight Sparkle: Optimus?

Optimus Prime: Yes, Twilight. It's me.

[Twilight stares, worry in her eyes]

Thunderwing: [in Twilight's mind] Unbelievable!

[Twilight holds her head in pain and collaspes]

Optimus Prime: Twilight!

[Twilight blasts him away and sees Starlight about to unplug the patch]

Starlight Glimmer: Farewell, Thunderwing.

[Twilight blasts her away from the patch and plugs it back in]

Optimus Prime: Twilight!

[Twilight stares, an evil smirk on her face]

Twilight Sparkle: [with Thunderwing's voice] Twilight can't hear you anymore.

Optimus Prime: As much as I want you to leave Twilight's body, I can't let you go back to yours.

[Optimus tries to stop Twilight but she blasts him away. Twilight shoves the Dark Energon shard in Thunderwing's chest and Thunderwing's red eyes snap open]

[Thunderwing gets up]

Thunderwing: Unicron, your most loyal and powerful follower has returned.

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