This is how Thunderwing steals the Elements goes in My Little Pony Transformers Prime: Friendship is Magic.

[The ponies make it across]

Applejack: Whoa. Come on, Twilight and Optimus. Isn't this what you've been waiting for?

Bulkhead: Yeah. What are you waiting for, Prime?

[They go and eventually find the Elements of Harmony]

Twilight Sparkle: The Elements of Harmony, we've found them. Careful, careful!

Optimus Prime: And it took all working together to get us here.

[Pinkie counts them]

Pinkie Pie: One, two, three, four... There's only five!

Smokescreen: Yeah. That's weird.

Rainbow Dash: Where's the sixth?

Arcee: I was thinking the same thing.

Twilight Sparkle: The book said: when the five are present, a spark will cause the sixth Element to be revealed.

Optimus Prime: Yeah.

Applejack: What in the hay is that supposed to mean?

Bulkhead: I was thinking the same.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm not sure, but I have an idea. Stand back. Optimus and I don't know what will happen.

Optimus Prime: That includes you, Autobots.

[They turn to concentrate]

Applejack: Come on now, y'all. They need to concentrate.

Bulkhead: Yeah. Come on, guys.

[Applejack, Bulkhead, Fluttershy, Ratchet, Pinkie Pie, Smokescreen, Rarity, Bumblebee, Rainbow Dash, and Arcee turn around. As they head off, a purple liquids flows to the platform and picks up the Elements]

Twilight Sparkle: Aah!

Optimus Prime: By the AllSpark!

Everypony: Twilight! Optimus!

[The liquid slowly lifts the Elements]

Twilight Sparkle: The Elements!

Optimus Prime: We can't let Thunderwing take them!

[They both shut their eyes and leap into the liquid as it vanishes, taking them and the Elements with it as the others arrive]

Fluttershy: Twilight?

Ratchet: Optimus?

Applejack: What?

Bulkhead: Huh?

Rarity: Where did they go?

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: Where are they?)

Pinkie Pie: What happened?

Smokescreen: What in the AllSpark...?

Rainbow Dash: What's going on?

Arcee: That is weird.

Applejack: Twilight, Optimus, where are you?

Bulkhead: Where could they be?

Rarity: Look!

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: Look, you guys!)

[They see a flash in the room nearby]

Applejack: Come on!

Bulkhead: [transforms] You heard her. Roll out!

[The Autobots transform and the ponies get in and they head towards the flash]

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