This is how Thunderwing talks to Unicron goes in

Unicron: Thunderwing, what have you brought me?

Thunderwing: I have retrieved the Dark Energon magic, my lord, and the lavender Alicorn Princess of Friendship has been terminated.

Unicron: Then perhaps this day isn't lost after all.

Terrorcon: If that is true, it has been a while since anyone's been able to defeat an Alicorn.

Thunderwing: Because it has been a while since a follower of Unicron has been provided to do so.

Terrorcon: We may not know if...

Unicron: Enough! Thunderwing, are you certain the Alicorn named Princess Twilight Sparkle is exterminated?

Thunderwing: By my very own hand, Lord Unicron.

[Thunderwing is talking to two Terrorcons]

Thunderwing: You should've seen the Alicorn's face as her heart expired, knowing that she perished at the hands of a true warrior. Lord Unicron now understands that the best way to defeat a Princess is to send his most powerful follower.

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