This is how Thunderwing tries to corrupt Twilight's friends goes in My Little Pony Transformers Prime: The Return of Harmony.

[We see the Autobots and Twilight's friends]

Thunderwing: Who should I corrupt first?

[Thunderwing decides to start with Applejack]

[Applejack runs through the maze, Bulkhead following, until they find themselves in field with picnic tables and piles of apples]

Applejack: What in tarnation?

[Applejack looks around, confused]

Applejack: Where am I?

[The apple piles come to life and start to circle her]

Apples: [laughing]

Applejack: Who are y'all?

Red apples: The keepers of the grove of truth. You may ask us...

Light-red apples: question...

Green apples: ...past, future or present.

Red apples: But be warned...

Light-red apples: ...that the truth...

Green apples: ...may not always be pleasant.

Applejack: All right then. I don't trust this place worth a hill of beans, but I've got a really bad feeling about this feller Thunderwing. What's gonna come of this mission we're on?

Red apples: For the answer you seek...

Light-red apples: ...go ahead, take a peek.

[Applejack looks into a small pond]

Pond Rainbow Dash: I hope I never see you again!

Pond Fluttershy: Me too!

Pond Pinkie Pie: Fine!

Pond Rarity: Fine!

Pond Twilight Sparkle: It's settled then.

[Applejack is devastated]

Applejack: No! Our friendship? Over?!

[Thunderwing appears]

Thunderwing: [chuckling]

Applejack: It can't be true. It just can't! That just can't be the truth.

Light-red apples: When all the truth does...

Green apples: make your heart ache...

Green apples and Thunderwing: ...sometimes a lie is easier to take.

[Applejack's eyes start becoming yellow, white, green, and blue swirls]

Bulkhead: Applejack?

[Applejack snaps back to normal upon hearing him]

Bulkhead: Are you okay?

Applejack: I'm fine.

[Thunderwing growls and walks away]

Thunderwing: If that didn't work, maybe manipulating Pinkie Pie will.

[Pinkie Pie and Smokescreen walk together]

Pinkie Pie: [whistling]

[Pinkie Pie hears something and gallops away from Smokescreen. She enters a field filled with picnic tables and ballons with faces on them which come to life]

Balloons: [sing-song laughter]

Pinkie Pie: [chuckling] Whee! This is the greatest balloon garden I've ever seen! It's the first balloon garden I've ever seen, but still! Wah!

[Pinkie Pie stops chuckling when she hears the balloons' laughter aiming in her direction]

Balloons: [laughing]

Pinkie Pie: Hey, what gives?

[Thunderwing appears]

Thunderwing: What's the matter, Pinkie Pie? I thought you appreciated a good laugh?

Pinkie Pie: It's different. They're laughing at me.

Thunderwing: It's hardly different. Your friends laugh at you all the time.

Pinkie Pie: My friends laugh with me, not at me.

Thunderwing: Oh, really? [laughing]

Pinkie Pie: No! Stop it!

Balloons: [laughing]

Pinkie Pie: Stop laughing at me!

Thunderwing: Oh, poor Pinkie Pie. And here I thought laughter made you happy.

[Pinkie Pie's eyes start becoming yellow, white, green, and blue swirls]

Smokescreen: Pinkster?

[Pinkie Pie snaps back to reality and sees Smokescreen behind her]

Smokescreen: Is everything alright?

Pinkie Pie: You bet.

[Thunderwing growls, thinks, and then gets an idea]

Thunderwing: Of course. Rarity.

[Rarity is walking when she sees a sports field]

Rarity: I was expecting an audience with the Princess, not outdoor sports. [suddenly sees some crystals] Agh. Oh my...

Thunderwing: [laughing] Welcome to your lucky day, Rarity. You've found the one thing in Equestria that could rival my face for sheer beauty. What do you think? You like?

[Rarity's eyes start becoming yellow, white, green, and blue swirls]

Rarity: Yes... I like very much... No! No, I shan't succumb to such fabulousness. Must... get to the center... to meet... the others.

[Rarity starts to go back to the Crystals when Bumblebee arrives]

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: Rarity?)

Rarity: [snaps back to normal] Huh? Bumblebee?

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: Thunderwing just tried to manipulate you, didn't he?)

Rarity: Yes.

[Thunderwing watches then gets another idea]

Thunderwing: If I made Fluttershy cruel, she'd make a perfect servant of Unicron.

[Fluttershy is alone and looks scared]

Fluttershy: [teeth chatter] Okay, I can do this. I can... [scream] Oh, wait a minute... Butterflies? Wait! Don't leave me here!

Butterflies: Fluttershy, looks like you've been left behind by your so-called friends, huh?

Fluttershy: Oh, no. I'm certain they're doing their best to find me.

Butterflies: Well, it must be so upsetting to know how weak and helpless they think you are.

Fluttershy: Not at all. I am weak and helpless and I appreciate their understanding.

Butterflies: Yes... Well, surely it burns you up... I mean, that they're always pointing out your flaws, right?

Fluttershy: Not really. In fact, I think I'm awfully lucky to have friends who want me to be the best I can be.

[The butterflies change into Thunderwing]

Thunderwing: Oh, for goodness sake! You've been kind for far too long. Time to be cruel. Arrivederci!

[Thunderwing prepares to forcefully corrupt Fluttershy when he hears Ratchet coming and disappears]

Ratchet: Fluttershy!

Fluttershy: [snaps back to normal upon hearing him] Ratchet!

[She leaps into his arms and they hug. Thunderwing watches]

Thunderwing: I know. Rainbow Dash.

[Rainbow Dash is walking when she sees a cloud and chases it through the maze]

Rainbow Dash: I've got you now, element.

[Rainbow Dash stares]

Thunderwing: Oh. I can see why you like these clouds so much. Very plush.

Rainbow Dash: Get off there and put 'em up! Come on! Let's go!

Thunderwing: Hey, I'm here to deliver a message.

Rainbow Dash: I've got a message for you too!

Thunderwing: Listen closely, this is important. A weighty choice is yours to make: a right selection or a big mistake. If a wrong choice you choose to pursue, the foundations of home will crumble without you.

[Thunderwing grins]

Rainbow Dash: Yeah. Your probably right.

[Rainbow Dash starts to move towards the cloud]

Thunderwing: That's it.

Arcee: Rainbow Dash!

[Rainbow Dash snaps back to normal]

Arcee: It's a trick! You know it is!

Rainbow Dash: Don't worry, Arcee. I knew it was all along.

[She and Arcee hug. Thunderwing scowls]

Thunderwing: [growls] Drat.

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