This is how Thunderwing uses the Dark Spark to corrupt Twilight goes in The Revenge of Thunderwing.

[Thunderwing pins Twilight down]

Twilight Sparkle: No!

Thunderwing: Yes!

Twilight Sparkle: Don't!

Thunderwing: I have to!

[Thunderwing brings out the Dark Spark]

Twilight Sparkle: The Dark Spark?

Thunderwing: Yes!

Twilight Sparkle: But how?

Thunderwing: Haven't got time to explain.

[Thunderwing places the Dark Spark on Twilight's neck and its power corrupts her]

Twilight Sparkle: [bows to him] Lord Thunderwing. I am yours to command.

Thunderwing: Yes. YES! The fourth Alicorn Princess and the weilder of the Element of Magic ARE MINE! Equestria shall hear my name AND TREMBLE!

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