This is how Thunderwing vs. Ryan goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

[Ryan comes out of a portal in the Transformers: Prime world with Odette, Red (Angry Birds) and Optimus Primal]

Odette: Ryan, behind you!

[Ryan looks up to see Thunderwing in the sky. Thunderwing fires his laser breath at Ryan but Ryan, Odette, and Red dodge it]

Thunderwing: Ryan F-Freeman, holder of the Matrix! [lands and furls his wings] Your destruction is at hands!

[Ryan and Thunderwing battle]

Thunderwing: I am the instrument of Unicron's wrath!

Ryan F-Freeman: I have to do it for this.

Red (Angry Birds): Odette!

Odette: I'll help you out, Ryan! [uses Red to smash Thunderwing's wrist gun]

Thunderwing: Is that the best you can do?!

Ryan F-Freeman: No. But THAT is. [uses his Keyblade to smash Thunderwing's second wrist gun]

Odette: Keep going, Ryan! You're doing great!![ponies up to her anthro form]

Thunderwing: I am no longer bond in stone, weak, and shackled! [uses Dark Energon to re-energize himself] I will tear you apart molecule by molecule!

Ryan F-Freeman: We need something to make him weak, Odette.

[Unbeknownst to them, Chuck (Angry Birds) snuck into his chest with the device]

Thunderwing: Now, Ryan F-Freeman. We come to the heart of the matter!

Red (Angry Birds): Don't forget me and Odette, Thunderwing!

Thunderwing: What?! What is this? I'm losing power. I feel...cold.

Chuck (Angry Birds): [Runs to Ryan] I'm sorry. Am I late?

[Thunderwing's shoulders open up to reveal reactors]

Optimus Primal: Those reactors are vulnerable now. Target them!

[Ryan uses his magic and the reactors blow up. Ryan, Red (Angry Birds) and Odette fire their magic at Thunderwing]

Thunderwing: No. No! I will not be defeated! If I must expand every bit of energy in my core to destroy the Matrix, so be it! [opens his chest and unfurls his wings]

Ryan F-Freeman: You want the Matrix of Leadership so bad, Thunderwing?! [powers up with the Matrix] I got it right here!!!

[Thunderwing leaps into the air and uses his core to fire at the group]

Thunderwing: I will turn you to ash!

Ryan F-Freeman: [uses his magic to put out Thunderwing's fire] You should never play with fire.

Thunderwing: I will not stop until the Matrix is destroyed!

Ryan F-Freeman: Thunderwing, Begone!

Thunderwing: You won't escape me! No one defies Thunderwing!

Ryan F-Freeman: Time to join King William.

[Ryan uses the combine power of Odette's magic, Ryan's magic and the power of the Matrix at Thunderwing's core and it blows up and Thunderwing falls]

Odette: We did it. Let's get back to the others.

[After everyone enters the portal and it closes, Thunderwing flies out of the mountain, revealing to have survive]

Thunderwing: I must have revenge!

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