This is how Thunderwing vs. Tirek goes in The Return of Unicron.

[Tirek finishes absorbing the Alicorn magic out of Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and Twilight Sparkle and prepares to leave when Thunderwing flies towards him and stops in mid-air.]

Tirek: Well, well, look who decided to show up.

Thunderwing: I'm not here for any of your games, Tirek.

Tirek: Yeah, whatever.

Thunderwing: I'm here for what is rightfully Unicron's: Equestrian Magic!

Tirek: So what? You're a Cybertronian. You don't know a thing or two what Equestrian Magic can do.

Thunderwing: Spare me your lectures! You know nothing of power!

Tirek: Oh?

Thunderwing: Do you know what real power is?

Tirek: Get to the point.

Thunderwing: True simple determination! Making the impossible possible through sheer FORCE OF WILL!

[Thunderwing releases a wave of force that makes Tirek flinch]

Thunderwing: I have risked everything in pursuit of this power! I have given myself over to it, body and spark! Now witness...the power of one who has SACRIFICED EVERYTHING!

Tirek: Ha! If you believe that... then you're a bigger fool than I thought! Witness the power of one who risks NOTHING!

Thunderwing: SO BE IT!

[Thunderwing transports everyone to a gladiator arena and Thunderwing and Tirek battle each other in the pit as Twilight and her friends, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, and the Autobots watch on the stadium.]

Tirek: Enough magic tricks! Time for some hardware!

[Tirek fires four blasts of magic at Thunderwing, but Thunderwing dodges them all]

Twilight Sparkle: That's weird. The bad guys are fighting each other.

Optimus Prime: It's because they are fighting for leadership.

[Thunderwing then flies to Tirek and punches him to a wall]

Thunderwing: Now this is fire power!

[Thunderwing shoots Tirek]

Tirek: [screams in pain]

Thunderwing: Ha!

Tirek: You think that's all you've got?

Thunderwing: Nope.

Tirek: Well, what do you propose?

Thunderwing: How about we put it this way, winner gets the Equestrian Magic.

Tirek: Very well.

Thunderwing: Bring it on!

[Tirek creats a big ball filled with Equestrian Magic he absorbed and throws it into the sky]

Tirek: Try catching that.

Thunderwing: Okay.

[Thunderwing and Tirek continue their battle]

Tirek: You're not going to win that easily.

[Tirek fires at Thunderwing, but Thunderwing dodges it.]

Thunderwing: You'll have to do better than that.

Tirek: Bravo, Thunderwing. Your performance is so convincing, I almost want to applaud. [laughs]

Thunderwing: Oh, how generous of you. In turn, let me give you a big hand.

[Thunderwing's right arm grows bigger and heads towards Tirek]

Tirek: Ha!

[Thunderwing's arm punches Tirek into a wall and retracts back towards Thunderwing and shrinks back to its original size]

Thunderwing: You know it's pretty amazing when you think about it. With the power I already absorbed, I can increase the mass of my body at will. And soon I will multiply that power a hundred fold.

Tirek: That's not true.

Thunderwing: I know it is.

Tirek: Then bring it on, you over-sized tin-can!

Thunderwing: Let's blow the roof off this place.

Tirek: Okay.

[Thunderwing unfurls his wings and flies into the sky]

Thunderwing: What's wrong, centaur? Can't fly without wings?

Tirek: I may not be able to fly, but I do have magic.

Thunderwing: So what? I have Dark Energon and I'm going to obtain all that Equestrian Magic when I defeat you.

Tirek: Well, if you want it, come and get it. [beckons]

Thunderwing: Oh I will. [flies toward Tirek at maximum speed]

Tirek: Come on. A little closer.

[Thunderwing grabs Tirek and mercilessly assaults him and throws him to the ground and shoots him and ceases fire]

Thunderwing: Thus endeth the reign of Tirek.

Tirek: How can this be... am I... to be defeated... by Thunderwing?

Thunderwing: You are.










[Thunderwing and Tirek

Twilight Sparkle: Who won?

Starlight Glimmer: I see something.

[Thunderwing is seen floating in the sky and Tirek is nowhere to be seen.]

Thunderwing: You see, Tirek, when you risk nothing in the pursuit of power, you could wind up with nothing. That's why I risk anything.

[Thunderwing then grabs the big ball of Equestrian magic and flies away]

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