This is how Thunderwing vs Ryan goes in [[

[Ryan pops up and spins at Thunderwing. Ryan readies his Keyblade ]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thunderwing, you're a hard one to find.

Thunderwing: I was wondering when you'd show up.

Ryan F-Freeman: Whatever you're up to, it ends here. Now.

[Ryan put up his shielding]

Dr. Neo Cortex: [in COMM] Thunderwing. Your weapons cannot penetrate Ryan F-Freeman's shielding. Find an alternative to break through.

[Ryan fires at Thunderwing but the rocket hits a coolant tank]

Dr. Neo Cortex: [in COMM] Thunderwing. Scans indicate the coolant can be used to weaken Ryan F-Freeman's shielding.

[Thunderwing fires at a coolant tank and Ryan gets cold. Thunderwing disables the first part of Ryan's shielding]

Thunderwing: You can never beat me, Ryan!

[Thunderwing fires at another coolant tank and breaks Ryan's second shielding]

Thunderwing: Your tricks won't save you.

[Thunderwing fires at another coolant tank and breaks Ryan's third shielding]

Thunderwing: Pathetic! You couldn't take me on your BEST day.

[Thunderwing fires at another coolant tank and hits Ryan's last shield]

Thunderwing: Let's see how you feel about my wrist guns without your precious armor.

Ryan F-Freeman: Flutterwing got some wrist guns as well.

Thunderwing: Who is Flutterwing?

Ryan F-Freeman: A Miraculous Hero.

[Ryan gets his gear]

Ryan F-Freeman: I am left with no other choice!

[Ryan activates his jetpack]

Ryan F-Freeman: Time to take you down like it's 1999. [laughs heroically] Oh I love to laugh. Sonic can see me now.

[Ryan tries to punch Thunderwing, but Thunderwing catches his right arm with his left arm and punches Ryan with his right arm. Thunderwing then punches Ryan with his left arm and hits him in the gut with his knee. Thunderwing then punches Ryan with his right arm and sends Ryan falling to the ground in defeat. Thunderwing pins Ryan down]

Thunderwing: I could crush the spark out of you right now, Ryan. But as much as it pains me, there are larger plans afoot.

[Thunderwing opens an entrance to a chamber]

Thunderwing: Goodbye. For now.

[Thunderwing kicks Ryan into the chamber]

Thunderwing: [to himself] I did it. I finally defeated Ryan F-Freeman.

[Minutes later, Thunderwing looks outside and sees the Autobots and the Mane Six and unfurls his wings and flies away]

Ratchet: Ryan?

Fluttershy: I hope he is ok.

Twilight Sparkle: Optimus, have you seen Ryan?

Optimus Prime: Not since he went after Thunderwing.

[Thunderwing flies past them]

Thunderwing: [to himself] Until next we meet.

[We then see Ryan on the floor and we see Thunderwing's fellow follower of Unicron, Soundblast, in cryo-stasis. Soundblast's optics flash on, meaning he's coming out of cryo-stasis]

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