This is how Thwarting Queen Chrysalis' plan goes in Out of Twilight's Head.


Queen Chrysalis: Yes! I love it when a plan comes together!

[Queen Chrysalis and Starscream see the Autobots and Ponies coming]

Queen Chrysalis: Autobots and Ponies.

Starscream: Please, Queen Chrysalis, allow your captain the honor. [to Changelings and Soundwave] Changelings, Soundwave, total them.

[The Changelings and Soundwave do as he says and fly towards the ground]

Soundwave: (with Rainbow Dash's voice) You wanna get to Queen Chrysalis, you'll have to go through us.

[Unknown to the Changelings and Soundwave, Optimus Prime is climbing up to the Changeling Castle]

Optimus Prime: You won't get away with this.

[As he continues to climb, the fight below continues]

Applejack: Yeah! Get em, Bulk!

[Soundwave runs to Arcee and Rainbow Dash]

Soundwave: (with Breakdown's voice) I'm gonna put you on ice.

Arcee: Why don't you try?

Rainbow Dash: Yeah.

Soundwave: (with Breakdown's voice) As much as I'll miss our reunions, hammer time.

Arcee: Yes.

Rainbow Dash: Come on!

[Soundwave, Arcee, and Rainbow Dash charge at each other]

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