This is how the Tie Fighter Chase goes in Return of Darth Sidious.

[after they are teleported into the ship, they then see who is driving]

Pepper Clark: Spongebob!

Spongebob: Hey Pepper!

Patrick: Hey, guys.

Minka Mark: Patrick's here too!

Blackie: Welcome aboard the "Black Sponge Star."

Button Mash: And Blackie too.

Mushu: And not only that, aboard this great ship is the Indestructible Mushu! [walks out]

Zoe Trent: The lizard?!

Mushu: Hey! Dragon, "dragon." Not lizard. I don't do that tongue thing! Do I have to put a sign on me that says: "Dragon?"

Russell Ferguson: I know how you feel.

Nix: What brings you here, Mushu?

Mushu: [hops on Nix's back] You really think I wouldn't help the foal who helped me find a place in my life? (as he speaks he pats her mane)

Nix: Well, it's good to see you again.

Flick: [runs out] Brian! Guys!

Brian: Flick!

Yuna: Flick?

[then the Circus Bugs walk out]

Vinnie Terrio: And the circus bugs.

Brian: What are you guys doing here?

Flick: We heard about the Empire's return.

Francis: so we came to help you out.

Slim: Good thing we need, that was quite a lot of Stormtroopers!

[Then blaster fire!]

Blackie: We're under attack!

[TIE fighters come in behind]

Spongebob: Battle stations, everyone!

[They come to laser cannons]

[they all fire back at the pursuing Tie Fighters]

Pilot: Break up the fleet!

Pilot 2: Yes sir!

[they then split up]

Brian: [as Rick O'Connell] Right!

[they continue firing but the Tie Fighters are still on their tail]

Blackie: We need a plan B!

Peter: How about plan C?

Spongebob: We haven't even done a plan B yet!

Peter: I'm just saying we could. It's only an option.

Quagmire: More like a dumb option.

Blackie: [notices they're approaching mountains] I got it! 

Peter: What?

Blackie: Let's confuse them.

Spongebob: Way ahead of you bud.

Mushu: What now, Captain?

Spongebob: We need to cut them off!

Mushu: Aye-aye! [runs somewhere]

Blackie: Get ready!

[then starts flying the ship in zig-zag formations and they start to approach one mountain and when up while the TIE fighter crashes into it]

Brian: [as Sam Flynn] Have a nice swim!

Blackie: [laughs]

[they fly the ship to a hanger]

Spongebob: Alright, we're here.

Yuna: Where's "here"?

Blackie: Follow us and we'll show you.

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