Tiffany's Return

Tiffany's Return

Tiffany’s Return is another movie of Weekenders and friends’ Amazing Explorations. It is a sequel film of Tino and the Real Girl.


When, Tiffany has been resurrected, she plans to win back Tino’s heart, by getting between Tino and Sunset Shimmer’s relationship. She came to Canterlot High, disguised as Anna. As Sunset Shimmer founds out about her plan, she tries to tell Tino about Tiffany, but Tino refuses believe her.


At Canterlot High

In the day of Canterlot High, Tino and his friends put up the decorations for the Canterlot High Prom in the gym. Sunset Shimmer then came to Tino and asks him would he be her date to the prom. And Tino finally accepts her invitation. Before he finishes the decorations, Tino tells Sunset that there is nothing to get between their relationship, not even anyone.

Tiffany’s Plan

Outside the gym, a strange figure spies on Tino and Sunset when Tino says that nobody to get between their relationship. The figure revealed to be Tiffany, who was resurrected from her death. Tiffany decides to win back Tino's heart when she download his mind into her game and he'll be with her forever. And she plans to get between them with her shape-shifting powers to a normal girl for a disguise

Tino meets Anna

A Strange Feeling

Sunset Shimmer’s Discovery

Tino breaks up with Sunset Shimmer

Spy on Anna one last time

Sunset Shimmer’s Proof

Tino and the heroes escape      

Tino and Sunset Shimmer tells the truth

Tino’s Plan

Great Battle

“You’re Finished!!”

Tiffany’s Defeat

Tino and Sunset Shimmer are back together/Ending



  1. At Canterlot High
  2. Tiffany’s Plan
  3. Tino meets Anna
  4. A Strange Feeling
  5. Sunset Shimmer’s Discovery
  6. Tino breaks up with Sunset Shimmer
  7. Spy on Anna one last time
  8. Sunset Shimmer’s Proof
  9. Tino and the heroes escape
  10. Tino and Sunset Shimmer tells the truth
  11. Tino’s Plan
  12. Great Battle
  13. “You’re Finished!!”
  14. Tiffany’s Defeat
  15. Tino and Sunset Shimmer are back together/Ending

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