Damage to his stasis pod upon crashing to Earth caused Tigatron to emerge far more tiger than robot. A loner who is more connected to the Earth than any other Beast Warrior, he enjoys the planet's natural beauty and is often concerned about the damage that the Transformers' battle is doing to it. Scout, infiltrator, and sometimes programming guru, Tigatron has filled a variety of roles for the Maximals.


  • Sunset Shimmer will use her magic to combine Tigatron with Airazor into Tigerhawk.
  • Tigatron along with Airazor became Princess Yuna's guardians.
  • Tigatron will meet Connor Lacey and Pals in Connor Lacey's Adventures of Beast Wars Transformers.

Relation with Princess Yuna

In Rise of the Maximals Part 1 and 2, Tigatron has been like the uncle Princess Yuna never had as he and Airazor became her guardians.


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