Tiger Moth
Tiger Moth
is a red and yellow bi-plane who is reckless and daring. In the magazines, Tiger Moth has a face.


He flies high and low, doing tricks to show off, and is very rude indeed. He learnt his lesson after crashing into a haystack.


Tiger Moth is loosely based on a de Havilland Tiger Moth with a radial engine and tail resembling that of a Sopwith Camel. According to a recent SiF interview with Robert Gauld-Galliers, Tiger Moth is actually a Nieuport 17 Bi-Plane.


  • The design on top of Tiger Moth's wings resembles the top half of the old Japanese flag.
  • The red and yellow paint work resemebles the Tiger Moth model (and plane for the live action footage) in the "Thunderbirds" movie "Thunderbird 6", this makes sense as David Mitton worked for Gerry Anderson on the original programme and subsequent show Anderson created.
  • Despite never having a face in the television series, Tiger Moth gained one in the Magazine stories.
  • Tiger Moth is best friends with Crescent Moon.

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