In the fires of an unknown place between time and space, the Vok aliens de-Sparked and fused the bodies of Tigatron and Airazor together to form Tigerhawk, a Vok-controlled super warrior intended to bring justice to the time-disrupting Transformers on prehistoric Earth. But when the two extracted Sparks unite and re-enter Tigerhawk's body, a different purpose and personality seems to emerge.  Tigerhawk is by far the most powerful Transformer in the Beast Wars. In robot mode, Tigerhawk can fly, has missile launchers under each arm, his wings double as shields, and he has wrist-mounted electricity cannons. His beast mode contains razor sharp claws and teeth, as well as a pair of chainguns on his forearms. However, these outstanding powers are nothing compared to his uncanny shamanic abilities to control the weather and terrain of Earth almost at whim.


  • Tigerhawk will be combined from Tigatron and Airazor by Sunset Shimmer's magic.
  • Tigerhawk will meet Connor Lacey and Pals in Connor Lacey's Adventures of Beast Wars Transformers.


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