Tigerman531's fursona


Tigerman is a teenaged tiger who is a old friend of The FT Squad. His true form is a human form, but this has yet to be seen.

Although he isn't a Future Time Travel authority, he still acts as a mentor to Kyle and his team.

Like Batman, Tigerman suffers from a tragedy that involved his father, who was killed by hunters. It's unknown what happened to his mother, but it's likely that she died too.

He has spend his time in the African jungles, where he kept a eye on the gorillas. After hearing his story, Kala became a mother figure to him. He eventually reunited with Kyle and his friends and soon found Tarzan as a baby. After saving him from Sabor and convincing Kerchak to let him stay, Tarzan became a member of the gorilla family. He grew up strong and brave.


  • Tigerman is a character made by Tigerman531.
  • Tigerman guest starred in The FT Squad Meets Tarzan.
  • Tigerman may guest star in future FT Squad Adventures.
  • Tigerman is also a member of the Sega Unit Patrol Squad 1 team.

    Tigerman's Keyblade

  • Tigerman wields the Hidden Dragon Keyblade.
  • In the Super Unit Patrol Squad Adventures series and The FT Squad's Adventures series, Tigerman is the adoptive father of Xion.

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