Timber, Splinter, and Chomper are Steamy, Puffy, and Evan's pet beavers.
Timber, Splinter, and Chomper

Timber: left, Chomper: middle, Splinter: right


These 3 beavers became the logging locos' pets when they found them stuck out in the snow. So Steamy, Evan, and Puffy took them in and trained them. Later on, the beavers built an amazing dam/house in the river of the Logging Locos' logging railway.


These beavers are also very intelligent and can invent amazing things even create things with wood and their own teeth. But they get offended if someone calls them "Weasels".


The way the beavers are indentyfied for which engine is by their hardhats; Steamy's wears blue, Evan's wears red, and Puffy's wears green.


These beavers also know amazing recipes for tasty dishes. Like soups with pine needles, birch bark, ground-up bark, and pine sap.


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