This is how Timothy's efforts goes in Thomas' Rock and Roll Adventure.

[Six moons later, at Canterlot High School the students are busy making banners in the auditorium for the school's upcoming musical showcase]

Matau T. Monkey: Okay, guys. We need some stickers for our banner.

Batman(The LEGO Movie): Okay, Matau. If any of your friends have black letters, I need them, ok? I only work in black. And sometimes, Very very dark grey.

Matau T. Monkey: Oh, Batman. You always work with those two colours, don't you?

[Suddenly, former school bully Timothy (non-ghost engine version) swipes the paint brush from Predaking's hand]

Predaking (EG): Huh? (notices Timothy) Oh. Hi, Timothy.

Timothy: Need some help?

Sir Daniel Fortesque (EG): No thanks, Timothy. We're good.

Timothy:  Oh. Okay. [hands the brush back to Predaking and looks down sadly]

Charlie (Human counterpart): Timothy! Over here!

Timothy: Coming!

[As Timothy walks towards them, the other students glare at him and mumble silently around him, making him uncomfortable]

Timothy: Wow, I had no idea that the whole school would be here.

James (Equestria Girls counterpart): Quite the eye-catching advertisement, if I do say so myself.

Charlie: And it smells like cake.

Henry: It does? [sniff, sniff]

Charlie: I used cupcake frosting instead of paste!

Toby: Uh, Henry, you've got something on your nose.

Henry: What? [noticed that he got a sticker on his nose] Oh. Ha ha. Thanks. [gives the sticker to Matau] Here you go, Matau.

Toby: No. Not that. That. [points to some cake frosting on Henry's nose]

Henry: Oh. The icing.[laughs] Real funny, Charlie.

Principle Celestia: Good afternoon, students. I just wanted to tell you all how pleased I am that so many of you are going to participate in the first ever Canterlot High School Musical Showcase!

[students cheer and applauded]

Principle Celestia: This is a wonderful opportunity to raise money for all our after-school programs here at CHS. So keep working on those signs and posters. I think it's going to be one of the most exciting events we've had at CHS since the Fall Formal.

Kaos: I'm sure this event will be exciting, Principle Celestia. Come on, Evil Ryan and Bertram. Let's continue work on our banner for our band: Kaos and the LEGOs.

[The students glare at Timothy, who buries his face in his hands, one final time. A few hours later, in the music room]

Timothy: [sighs] I am never going to live that down.

Henry: You were very bad at the Fall Formal.

Timothy: A Decepticon. I turned into a raging train-con.

Charlie: And tried to turn everyone into mindless slaves for your own personal army.

James: Oh, my friend, you have us, and we've forgiven you for your past... ahem... booboos.

Timothy: Thanks, James.

Toby: To be honest, I'd say the whole experience brought everyone at Canterlot High closer than ever before!

Timothy: You're right, Toby. In fact, I feel there's a song coming on.

Charlie: One, Two, three!~

The Steambooms: There was a time we were apart~ 

But that's behind us now~

See how we've made a brand new start~

And the future's lookin' up, ah-oh, ah-oh~

And when you walk these halls You feel it everywhere~

Yeah, we're the Wondercolts forever, ah-oh, yeah!~

We are all together (Ah, ah, oh-oh-oh-oh)~

Now it's better than ever (Ah, ah, oh-oh-oh-oh)~

You can feel it, we are back (You... can... feel... it...)~

And I'm so glad that we're better, Better than ever~

Whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh~

Oh yeah, we're better than ever~

Whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh~

Gordon: There was a time we couldn't see past the differences~

Toby: That separated you and me~

And it left us on our own~

Charlie: But now you walk these halls and friends are everywhere~

The Steambooms: Yeah, we're the Wondercolts forever, ah-oh, yeah!~

We are all together (Ah, ah, oh-oh-oh-oh)~

Now it's better than ever (Ah, ah, oh-oh-oh-oh)~

Now that we are back on track (We... are... back...)

Yes, I'm so glad that we're better, better than ever~

Whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh~

Oh, yeah, we're better than ever~

Whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh~

Oh, yeah, we're better than ever~

Whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh~

Oh, yeah, we're better than ever~

Whoa-oh, oh-whoa-oh~

Oh, yeah, we're better than ever~

Whoa-on, oh-whoa-oh~

Oh, yeah, we're better than ever~

[Once they finish playing, their pony ears, wings and tails disappear. Timothy applauds]

Timothy: I liked it. I really liked it.

James: Although I still can't believe that we get pony ears, wings and tails everytime we play.

Timothy: How can you be so sure of that?

James: Well, duh, we transform whenever we play music.

Timothy: Thanks for reminding me.

Toby: Plus, when OpThomas Prime first visited, he took the Matrix back to Cybertron. Shouldn't all of the magic gone back with him.

Timothy: No, Toby. I think some of the magic stayed behind.

Gordon: Yeah. I know. Makes my band totally rock.

James: You mean our band?

Gordon: Well, duh. It was my idea to start the Steambooms so that we could be in the showcase. Plus, I'm the lead guitarist and singer.

Toby: Gordon. I think that's our idea to start the Steambooms, you know.

[They hear a knock at the door. It opens and Jenna, Thomas' new love interest, comes in]

Jenna: Hi there. I heard some great music from you guys.

Gordon: I suppose it is good. But Toby needs to practice more on his bass and James needs to update on his keytar.

James: It is good, Jenna, as a matter of fact.

Jenna: Anyways, any chance any friends from outta town might come? You know, it being a charity event and all?

Toby: You mean, Thomas?

Jenna: Well, kinda.

James: Sorry, Jenna. I don't think Thomas is going to be back at Canterlot High any time soon.

Jenna: Oh, okay. Well, keep up the good work. [walks out]

James: Well, guess someone is quite the snitten kitten. [to Timothy] Sorry, I didn't know that you and Jenna used to be an item.

Timothy: Jenna was a good gal. But I never really liked her liked her. I was just using her to become more popular. [sighs] The old me was really aweful, wasn't he?

James: Hmmm... horrid.

Toby: Ummm-hmmm.

Charlie: Yup, yup, yup.

Toby: But don't worry, Timothy. Sooner or later you'll own up.

Gordon: Toby's right. But the most important thing is that you turned yourself around.

[Suddenly, the speaker, operated by Vice Principle Luna, turns on]

Vice Principle Luna: [on speaker] Timothy, please report to the main fouier.

Timothy: Oh, I got to go guys. I volunteered to show some new students around the school. I thought it'd be better for them to get to know the new me before they heard all the stuff about the old me.

James: Okay. Well, good luck.

Timothy: Thanks, James. See you later.

[Once Timothy leaves, Gordon turns to the Steambooms]

Gordon: We've gotta be perfect.

Henry: I think so, Gordon.

Gordon: How about we do "Awesome As I Wanna Be"?

Toby: If we have the time, I suppose we could do that.

Henry: But, Gordon, I was hoping we could do my song first.

Gordon: We'll do your song if we have a chance, Henry.

Henry: Okay.

Gordon: [strums guitar cord]

[Meanwhile outside]

Mal: Did you hear that?

Evil Ryan: Looks like Gordon is playing a guitar.

[Evil Anna goes into the music room]

Mal: Where is she going?

Matau T. Monkey: [comes in] She's going to hear the song Gordon come up, Mal.

[Mal looks to see Matau and his bandmates]

Mal: Hi, Matau. You and your friends are here for the showcase?

[Matau nods and saw the red gem on Mal's necklace]

Matau T. Monkey: Wow! That's a nice pendant you got here.

[Mal smiles]

Matau T. Monkey: Where did you get it?

Rigby (EG): I wouldn't do that if I were you, Matau.

Matau T. Monkey: Do what?

Garfield (EG): Why this.[shows Matau a video of Adagio grabbing Sunset's wrist]

[Matau looks down and sees Mal has grab his wrist]

Matau T. Monkey: Oh. I see what Garfield means.

Mal: Oops. [releases Matau's wrist] Sorry.

Matau T. Monkey: It's ok. At least I'm in my human form and that pendant means a lot to you. That makes you a siren.

[Matau leads his friends to the music room and Mal smirks because what he had just heard]

Evil Ryan: What are you smiling about, Mal?

Mal: I have heard Matau say that I'm a siren like you, Evil Ryan. And I'm sure that we may very well have found what we're been looking for. Or rather it found us.

Evil Ryan: Magic?

[Mal nods]

Evil Ryan: If you don't mind. I'll go into the music room.[to Bertram] C'mon, Bertram.

[Evil Ryan and Bertram enter the music room where Thomas' human friends are practicing the song "Awesome as I Wanna Be"]

Matau T. Monkey: How's the song, Gordon?

Gordon (EG): It's cool, Matau.

[Matau smiles]

Evil Ryan: You think you and your friends can do the song Party Tonight, Matau?

[Matau nods and looks at the orange gem of his pendant]

Evil Ryan: You like my pendant?

[Matau nods]

Rigby (EG): How come it's fused into you, Evil Ryan?


Evil Ryan:[groans] Now I know how getting hit by a dinosaur feels, Bertram.

[Bertram puts his hand on someone's shoe and coughs a rainbow]

Bertram T. Monkey: Wait a minute. I know that shoe. It belongs to your friend, Evil Ryan.

[Bertram looks up to see that he's holding onto his friend's shoe]

Bertram T. Monkey: Evil Anna. You're here?[looks at the purple haired girl] Hello, good looking.

Aria Blaze: Wow! Hello, brown haired man that came from the sky. I'm Aria Blaze.

Bertram T. Monkey:[gets up on his feet] Nice to meet you, Aria. I'm Bertram. Twin brother of Matau T. Monkey.

Evil Ryan: Dagi. I'm so happy that I found you. Or rather you found me.

Adagio Dazzle: What?

Bertram T. Monkey: Evil Ryan and I got launched from the high school to here.

[Adagio nods]

Bertram T. Monkey: Wow! Those are cool looking necklaces.

[The girls smile]

Evil Anna: How are we going to have your and your sisters' singing powers, Sonata?

[Evil Ryan pulls out three gems from Crash's world. One's orange, one is purple and the third is blue]

Evil Anna: Wow! Is the gems help us sing, Evil Ryan?

Evil Ryan: Yes, Evil Anna. I got dips on the orange gem.

[Evil Ryan scans the Dazzlings' magic and uses his magic to fill the gems with it]

The Dazzlings: Wow!

Evil Ryan: Now, to make them into pendants.

[Evil Ryan uses his technology to make the necklaces the Dazzlings are wearing and puts one gem each onto the necklaces]

Bertram T. Monkey: Wow! What are those you made, Evil Ryan?

Evil Ryan: Pendants.

Evil Anna: Oh my gosh! I hope I look good with the blue one.

[Evil Anna grabs the pendant that has the blue gem]

Bertram T. Monkey: That leaves me with the purple one.[grabs it] It does fit my personality with Aria, Evil Ryan.

[Aria smiles]

Evil Ryan: Ok, Bertram and Evil Anna. I got my pendant. Let's put our pendants on, on the count of three.

Bertram T. Monkey: You think I can have Aria's singing powers, Evil Anna?

Evil Ryan: One.

Evil Anna: Yes, Bertram. I hope I can eat tacos.

Evil Ryan: Two.

[Bertram looks at his pendant and sees that the gem glows purple as if it's senses it's new host, longing to be a part of him]

Evil Ryan: THREE!!

[Evil Ryan, Bertram and Evil Anna put their pendants on their necks and they start to fuse into them]

Bertram T. Monkey: OOOOWWWWIIEE! This is really going to stop hurting very soon!

[Then a cutie mark appears on Evil Ryan's shoulder armor and his eyes start to glow green and the fusing is complete]

Evil Anna: Wow!

Bertram T. Monkey: What's happened to us?

Evil Ryan: The pendants turns us into Equestrian Sirens, Bertram.

[Flashback ends]

Evil Ryan: And that's how our pendants permanently turned me and two of my friends into Sirens.

Matau T. Monkey: That's a nice story, Evil Ryan. I always knew that... Wait. Did you say permanent?

[Evil Ryan nods]

Matau T. Monkey: Ok. We'll play the song Awesome as I Wanna Be. Then we'll play Party Tonight.

[Evil Ryan nods. The song Awesome as I wanna Be starts playing]

Matau and the Skylanders: Hey!~






Rigby (EG): Awesome as I wanna be~

Matau and the Skylanders: Hey!~






Rigby (EG): Awesome as I wanna be~

Matau T. Monkey: First you see me riding on a sonic boom~

Sir Daniel Fortesque (EG): Got my guitar shredding up my latest tune~

Predaking (EG): There is nothing you can do to beat me~

Batman (The LEGO Movie): I'm so good that you can't defeat me~

[Gordon (EG) starts playing the guitar to the music]

Matau T. Monkey and Gordon (EG): Yeah! I'm awesome~

Take Caution~

Watch out for me~

I'm awesome as I wanna be~

Yeah! I'm awesome~

Take Caution~

Watch out for me~

I'm awesome as I wanna be~

Matau and the Skylanders and Steambooms: Hey!~






[While they are singing they gain Cybertronian Armor, pony ears, wings and longer hair]







Gordon (EG): Step aside now, you're just getting my way~

Mordecai (EG): I got sick chocks, you could not hope to play~

Garfield (EG): When it comes to making music, I'm the ruler~

Wreck-it Ralph (EG): You wish you could be 20% cooler~

Gordon (EG) and Matau T. Monkey: Yeah! I'm awesome~

Take Caution~

Watch out for me~

I'm awesome as I wanna be~

Yeah! I'm awesome~

Take Caution~

Watch out for me~

I'm awesome as I wanna be!~

Matau T. Monkey: Wow! That was cool.

Evil Ryan: Nice armor you and your friends got here, Gordon.[knocks on Charlie's armor]

Rigby (EG): Wow! Gordon? You think we can play some of Henry's songs?

Henry (EG): That's nice, Rigby.

Gordon (EG): You did super well, Matau. I hope that both your band and my band will win the showcase.

Matau T. Monkey and Toby (EG): OUR BAND!!!

Buck the Weasel (EG): Rigby's right, Henry. We might play one of your songs when we're in the finals. Now. Who's hungry?

Buck's skull puppet: I am.

Buck the Weasel (EG): You don't need the calories!

Rigby (EG):[laughs] That's funny, Buck. But, how do we "pony up"?

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