Timothy is the human version of the Non-ghost engine version of Timothy the ghost train.


Timothy was Optimus Prime's student. He began studying primes not long before Thomas. But decided to abadon his studys and persue his own path. A path that led him to stealing the Matrix of Leadership that was given to Thomas. Timothy uses the Crystal Mirror to get away from Thomas. Once informed about him, Thomas goes through Crystal Mirror to go after him. When he find out that Thomas and Ryan F-Freeman are running for princes of the Fall Formal, He confronts the two in the corridor while Thomas runs off to find Percy. Timothy tells Ryan that Thomas don't know the first thing about fitting in but Ryan decides to prove Tim wrong by helping Thomas fit in and run for Prince of the Fall Formal. When Thomas' human friends watched the video Sunset uploaded they decide to help Ryan and Thomas fit in

Friendship with the Dazzlings



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