Here's how 45-year old Tino starts his story in Operation: U.N.I.T.E..

[The movie takes place in 2048 where we a futuristic house]

Future Tino: [comes into the house] I'm home!

Danny Shimmer: Dad!

Emma Eclipse: Daddy!

[The two children huged Tino]

Future Tino: [laughs] How are my son and my daughter doing today.

Emma Eclipse: Life is been great.

G-merl: Tino, nice to see you.

Future Tino: G-merl. It's good to see you, good friend.

Future Sunset Shimmer: Honey.

Future Tino: My dear wife, Sunset Shimmer. [hugs Sunset Shimmer]

Future Sunset Shimmer: How's work?

Future Tino: It was great.

Emma Eclipse: Hey daddy, can you tell us a story, please?

Future Tino: [chuckles] Me and my stories. Okay. This is the story of how me, Sunset Shimmer, and all my friends saving Equestria from our enemies.... Trinket, The Arkham Knight, and their new enemy.... The Canterlot Knight.

Danny Shimmer: Wow, dad.

Future Tino: It all started with me when I was 13 years old at the Crystal Empire.