Here’s how Tino and Sunset Shimmer fused into Tino Shimmer to fight Tiffany goes in Tino and the Real Girl.

Tiffany: (knocks the serving plate out of Tino’s hands)

Tino: Oh no!

Sunset Shimmer: Tino!! We’ve got to fuse.

Tino: Alright, let’s fuse!

[Tino and Sunset Shimmer fused together to create Tino Shimmer]

Tiffany: What is this?!

Tino Shimmer: I am Tino Shimmer. And I here to take you down, Tiffany!

Tiffany: Alright, then. But, Tino is mine!

Tino Shimmer: Bring it on!!

Twilight Sparkle: On three we split. One, two—

(Big Howard karate chops the game in half. The three run off.)

Tino Shimmer: Impressive. But I have more power than you have.

Tiffany: Oh yeah! How about I have you defused Tino!

Tino Shimmer: (dodges her) Ha! Yeah right. RAINBOW BLAST!!!

[Tiffany dodged the Rainbow Blast]

Tiffany: Nice try, but can you deal with this? (charges right into Tino Shimmer, but he dodges)

Tino Shimmer: HA! I can handle anything you can throw! SUNSET SLASH!!!

[Tiffany got hit by the Sunset Slash]

Tino Shimmer: How’s that for a change?!

Tiffany: NO!

Tino Shimmer: Like I said “I can handle anything you throw!”

Tiffany: Oh really?

Tino Shimmer: Yes!

Tiffany: Well, here, Tino Shimmer. Let me defuse you two so Tino and I will be together, forever. (shocks Tino Shimmer, with her finger)

Tino Shimmer: (screaming in pain, and punched by Tiffany into restaurant and has been defused back into Tino and Sunset Shimmer)

Sunset Shimmer: What…just…happened?

Tino: Tiffany must have…defused us Sunset Shimmer. (gotten hit by Tiffany to get him out of the way)

Tiffany: Now, Sunset Shimmer, I will kill you. So Tino and I will be together…forever.

Tino: NO!! Alright, if you want me, Tiffany. Then come and get me you sorry excuse for a game!!

[Tino runs and slides under the flip-open kitchen door. Tiffany uses her lightning to open the door.]

Sunset Shimmer: Tino…no.

Pinkie Pie: (Screaming, she runs to the playground and up the slide. After a moment she comes back down and takes her shoes off and puts them in the shoe holder)

Joe: I’ll eat you up like french fries!!

Twilight Sparkle: (screams and ducks.)

Joe: (hits a win button and receives a lot of tickets and claps)

Rainbow Dash: (knocks him out with a chair) Oh yeah! (captured, and screams)

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