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Tino Tonitini

Tino Tonitini is and one of the main characters of The Weekenders. He is also Sunset Shimmer's boyfriend and Squire Flicker's best friend. Unlike his friendly counterparts, Tino automatically assumes the role as the narrator in most episodes, although he sometimes is assisted by his friends, and often ends each show with his catch phrase "Later days". After the his adventure with Princess Twilight, Princess Celestia give him magic so he has the power to have visions of the past and future. He is voiced by Jason Marsden.

Appearance and Personality

Physical Appearance

Tino is 12 years of age of average height and build for his age, slender, with short blonde hair and slightly tanned skin.


Tino is very sarcastic, slightly paranoid on a variety of subjects, witty, and sometimes immature. He gets through his days and situations by cutting smart, sarcastic and witty remarks whenever annoyed, insulted, or offended. When threatened, he can appear to be a bit of a coward, but despite his neurotic and flighty personality, he has proven on many occasions to be resourceful, and brave. Tino is generally the most tolerant, patient and accepting of his friends, although he does have a slight peeve for the stereotypical nerd. On the whole, he is well-rounded, open-minded and more than willing to accompany or help is friends through their many hardships and adventures.


Sunset Shimmer

When he first met Sunset Shimmer, he didn't like her (not one bit). She wanted him to join her for the invasion to Canterlot. But after she reformed, Tino begins to trust her, and she became his girlfriend. And they go on dates together.

Winnie the Pooh

Brian Griffin

Twilight Sparkle

Thomas the Tank Engine

Squire Flicker


Ash Ketchum



Gmerl really was a little jealous that Tino Tonitini was alongside Sunset Shimmer (when ever he's around), he wanted to hangout with Sunset Shimmer first, then he started his first rivalry with Tino.