This is when Tino and Jeremie fights Captain Korso in Code Lyoko: The Lost Laboratory.

[Cut to Tino and Jeremie]

Jeremie: Alright Tino, this is it. Any last word?

Tino: Yeah, I wish we had a better idea than this!

[They crash in the blimp and hop off their ship as it continues]

Korso: We're losing attitude! Lighten the load!

[Sissi throws some stuff out]

Sissi: That's it. Unless someone wants to jump.

Korso: Ladies first.

[he throws her out but she gets back in]

Sissi: You said you'll make Ulrich mine! [kicks him in the face twice] You promised me that I'll have him!

[Korso grabs her foot]

Korso: Well, next time, get it in rise.

[throws her out again]

Korso: Nothin' personal!

[Tino and Jeremie rides the rope and takes Korso by surprise, beating him until they got to the low level]

Korso: Well, I've have to hand to you guys. You and your cousin are the bigger pain in the neck as I thought possible!

[Tino tries to punch Korso, but he kicks him into the crate]

Korso: I dedicate myself even a different man! Takes a lot to get under my skin! But Congratulations, you just won the solid gold cuppie doll!

Sissi: Nothing personal! [fires pazooka]

[the round flies forward and then it blows up the airship's main controls]

[Korso gets an axe and starts swinging it at Tino and Jeremie]

Korso: Tired, Tonitini? [wack the glass] Well that's a darn shame!

Tino: [picks up a shard of glass]

Korso: Because I'm just getting it warmed up! [Force chokes Tino and brings her up]

Tino: [get to Korso's left arm and scratched him]

Korso: Ah! Grrr!! [notices that his arm turned into crystal] AAH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! [his whole body turned into crystal]

[Tino tries to get to Jeremie, but the poles broke off, and he sees Korso, frozen in a solid crystal]

Tino: Thank God!

[Korso's crystallized arm, grabs the pole and the crystallized Korso tries to get Tino, but Jeremie pulls down the lopped pole and shatters the crystallized Korso into pieces.

[Then, the chains holding the crate break.]

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