This is when Tino finally destroys Tiffany for good in Tino and the Real Girl.

Tiffany: (Surrounding Tino) I've got you surrounded, Tino. There's no way out!

Tino: Please, let my friends go, I'll do anything, I promise!

Tiffany: I seem to remember someone who promised to be my boyfriend. Think about it. (Shows on TV screen, and pictures of girls flow behind her) Real girls are unpredictable. They judge you.

Girls: (Laugh)

Tiffany: Do you really think that Sunset Shimmer will take you back after this awful date? (Screen shows Sunset Shimmer giving Tino back his flowers to her and slams the door. It starts to rain. Cut back to Tiffany) 

Sunset Shimmer: Don’t listen to her Tino! I will never do anything mean to you, I changed, remember!?

Tiffany: I can download your brain into the game, with me, and we'll be together, forever. (Points her at Tino, and it turns into an extending flash drive)

Tino: (Blocks belly button with his vest) Ah! Stay back! (Throws screwdriver)

Tiffany: Come on, Tino. Don't make me delete you too.

Tino: {Well, that’s a threat. While I might be downloaded to the game, what shall I do?! I have to find a way!} [looks at “Romantic Academy 7” in his pocket] {That’s it, if I can throw the disc into the oven, Tiffany will be destroyed, for good}

[Tino pulls out the "Romantic Academy 7" disc from his pocket.]

Tiffany: What do you say?

Tino: {Here’s my choice} Just three words before you download me! Game over, Tiffany! (Opens oven)

Tiffany: No! Wait!

[Tino throws the disc in the oven. It distorts and crinkles, Tiffany screams and is erased from existence. The face of the specific animatronic she possessed melts, and the animatronic down. The other animatronics shut down as well]

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