This is the part when Tino first plays the game and meets Tiffany in Tino and the Real Girl.

[Cut to Pinkie Pie's house. Tino played one of his new games into his computer's CD tray.]

Tino: I’ll finish that game later now to…hey wait, what’s this? “Romantic Academy”. I must have accidently bought it when I bought 2 games. Hey there’s a note. What does it say? "Destroy at all costs." What does this not mean? I wonder. Oh well…time to play this game anyway.

[Puts in the game into his computer’s CD tray. A "Year 2000 Electronics" logo appears on the monitor.]

Tino: Man, I can't wait for the year two-thousand.

[The monitor shows the main menu for "Romantic Academy 7." the options are "Start", "Quit", and "Shizenhakka" (romanized Japanese meaning "spontaneous combustion").]

Tino: Ehh, start! (Reading the game's introduction text) "When the cherry petals of magic romance academy are in bloom... anything can happen." That is so true.

[The game screen changes to one with a classroom background and some stats on the left. A pink-haired girl appears.]

???: Oh, hi there! My name is Tiffany. I'm a schoolgirl at School University. Will you help me carry my books?

[The game gives the options "Yes of course!", "I am impatient! Date me now!" and "Hey look a squid!".]

Tino: I'm really feeling number two, here. (Clicks it) Click! (The game plays a buzzer sound and the option turns red) Ah! I mess up.

Tiffany: That's okay. Try again!

[Tino clicks the first option. The game awards him 100 "Love Points" as coins and a cat fall in front of the screen.]

Tino: Wow, I'm learning! And games are making it fun.

Tiffany: What would you like to talk about?

[The options offered are "Your interests," "Samurais" and "Squids."]

Tino: I'd rather just click your face. (Clicks her face)

Tiffany: Ha ha. You are so funny.

Tino: Man, this game is amazing! I don’t know why anyone abandoned it.

Tiffany: And I'm sure you'll never abandon me, new boyfriend.

Tino: Boyfriend? Oh man, Tiffany. It’s almost like you’re actually alive

Tiffany: Yes. Almost. (Laughs throughout the rest of the scene)

Tino: (Laughs) Oh, man. You have such a nice laugh.

[The scene show that Tino's computer isn't plugged in.]

[Cut to Canterlot High in the next day]

Twilight Sparkle: Hey, have you guys seen Tino? He’s supposed to be in school today.

Pinkie Pie: Yeah! I wore my motivational sweater and everything thing! (Sweater reads "U can do it Tino. Points to the first o in Tin, which is misplaced) I messed up that part.

Carver: We haven’t seen him, yet.

Sunset Shimmer: He didn't come in today. It's the first time he's missed school today!

[Twilight Sparkle and the others look at each other]

[Cut to Pinkie Pie's house. Twilight Sparkle and the others enter Tino's room. Tino is still at his computer.]

Tino: (Laughs) So that's basically my entire life story. Now you tell me a thing about you!

Tiffany: Every time you compliment me I get another highlight in my eyes!

Tino: Uh, you're pretty!

[Tiffany’s eyes sparkle.]

Tino: And pixel-y!

[Tiffany’s eyes sparkle more.]

Tino: And so agreeable!

[Tiffany’s eyes sparkle even more and stars, planets, hearts and cat faces appear in them.]

Tino: Yes!

Fluttershy: Uh, Tino?

Tino: O-oh hey guys! Come in! This game is amazing. I'm making eye contact, going on dates, and I haven't seen any natural sunlight for six hours!

[Rarity kicks away one of the soda cans on the floor.]

Rainbow Dash: Tino, maybe it's time to apply these skills with real girls!

Tino: But I'm about to meet her parents! Her dad is an octopus-man.

[Carver opens the blinds to let sunlight in]

Tino: Ah! (Hisses and cowers under desk)

Peter Pan: (Pulling Tino) We're going back to the mall, man. You need to unplug!

Tino: I'll see you later, Tiffany. I'll be back, I swear!

Rainbow Dash: Tino, you don't have to wish it goodbye. It's just a game. It's not like it's going anywhere. (Closes door)

Tiffany: Yes. It's not like I'm going anywhere.

[An arc of electricity moves from the computer and passes through a nearby toy, a digital clock and a power outlet before traveling through the power cables outside.]

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