This is the part when Tino tries to find a new girlfriend in Tino and the Real Girl

[Cut to Canterlot Mall, where Pinkie Pie is searching for girls that Tino can date.]

Pinkie Pie: Aw man! Where all them sweet honeys at? I'll check the ladies' bathroom. (Runs off-screen into bathroom) It's love time, girls! Get out there! No time to wash your hands! 

[Girls scream and run out of the bathroom.] 

Girl: Let’s get out of here! 

Pinkie Pie; It’s time to date! Date! Date! 

Twilight Sparkle: And…Here comes security. (To Tino) I'll deal with this. Stay here and practice on some real girls. 

Tino: (hides behind a potted plant and looks for girls) These girls have so many dimensions! And no explanation-ing menus! (Bumps into a blond girl) 

Blond girl: Ow! 

Tino: Oh no! I’m sorry! I’m terribly sorry! 

Blond girl: It’s okay, just don’t do it next time. 

Tino: (runs away and leans against a glass screen in front of several televisions) Oh, man! This is the worst! I wish I was back home with- 

Tiffany: (Off-screen) Hi, Tino! 

[Tiffany is shown on a television screen, staring lovingly at Tino] 

Tino: Tiffany! Oh man, I'm so relieved to see you! Although, sorta confused. 

Tiffany: Oh, Tino. (Another Tiffany appears) I am not an ordinary game. (Another Tiffany) I am... (Points to toy dog on a shelf, making it bark) special.

[A screen shows people working on computers, who Tiffany refers to as, "The Programmers."]

Tiffany: The programmers tried to delete me. (Screen shows various people working on computers, focusing on one in particular. An "X" appears on his computer and a word bubble reading "わかりません" ("wakarimasen"; "I don't understand"). He starts working harder and is about to delete the program but is shocked and dies) So I had to delete them. 

Tino: Wha-what did you do to them? 

Tiffany: (Many Tiffanys appear) That's not important. What's important is that you won't have to talk to real girls ever again. You and me can be together. (All screens make up one, huge Tiffany) Forever! 

Tino: Wow, that’s awesome! Sorta of a red flag, but mostly awesome! So, what do you want to do now? 

Tiffany: Anything you want, Tino. 

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