Here's how Tino and Kurumi's battle goes in Weekenders Adventures of Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Kurumi: Shido Itsuka

Shido: Kurumi!

Kurumi: I shall have you, Shido. You're mine!

Shido: Oh crap!


Kurumi: So you came back from the dead, eh?

Tino: Yes, Kurumi. Spirits don't deserve power. Shido was right, Shido was just trying to save you! You don’t deserve power! You deserve to be save and have your damn powers sealed! You know this, dont’cha you?

Kurumi: [punches Tino to a wall] I just made it clear that I can't be saved!

Tino: Well, I do. I defeated you before, I will do it again! [runs up and punches Kurumi's chest]

Kurumi: RAAAAAAHHHH!!! [picks up some of the ground and throws it] DRAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Tino: [avoids it] YAH! [punches her in the face several times]

Kurumi: Uh, uh, pah! [slams him to the ground] [tries to shoot him ]

Tino: [avoids her bullet] [and stabs Kurumi’s shoulder]

Kurumi: DA!!! RAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! THAT HURTS!!! [kicks him] [tries to shoot him. Then lifts him with her shadow and throws him to a ledge but Tino grabs on]

Kurumi [to the others] Now, it's your turn.

Tino: [closes his eyes, then a sword rises up] No, it's not over yet! [Tino springs up and kills Kurumi! Kurumi walks backwards towards the edge and falls, revealing her bloody body] Now, I have to help Cade and Optimus. [loads his .45 colt and follows Cade]

Sunset Shimmer: Tino, no! [grabs his arm]

Tino: Optimus is alone. Someone has to help. [to Godou] Guys, keep her safe. [runs after Cade]

Sunset Shimmer: Tino, no! Come back!

Liliana: [picks her up] But Sunset Shimmer, no one can help him now. Let's go.

[The others took off]