This is when Tino faces the Dazzlings, after that Batman face Bane for the second time in Weekenders Adventures of The Dark Knight Rises.

[as Bane joins the battle between the cops and his men, he notices Batman in the crowd]

Bane: So, you came back, to die with your city.

Batman: No. I came back to stop you.

[Bane punches Batman and Batman ducks and weaves, punching Bane back, we then see Miranda at City Hall watching them from the window]

[as Batman and Bane continue to fight, Batman punches Bane’s mask and detaches a few of the tubes on his mask, Bane is clearly affected by it but continues to fight Batman, who eventually overpowers him and knocks him through the glass doors of City Hall, Miranda is there and Batman throws her a gun]

Batman: Cover the doors! [Miranda takes the gun and goes, Batman then kicks Bane on his side and shouts]

Batman: Where’s the trigger?! Where is it?! You’d never give it to an ordinary citizen! Where is it?! Where’s the trigger?!

[he punches Bane again]

Batman: Where is it? Where is it?!

[Batman stops hitting Bane, who falls down in pain, Batman pulls him up]

Batman: Tell me where the trigger is? Then you have my permission to die.