The way Tirek kidnaps Luna and the rescue mission goes in The Night to Remember.

Princess Luna: (putting on a beautiful dress)

Tirek: (knocks a door)

Princess Luna: Hello? (Tirek and the weasels capture her) Huh? Aaaaah!!!!


Princess Celestia: [comes into Luna's room] Luna? Luna? Strange, I thought she was getting her wedding dress. What's this? A note.

Note: We got Princess Luna, Once she gets to Aku, The Return of Nightmare Moon.

Princess Celestia: Oh no. I must tell Thomas, Twilight, Roary and Theodore.

Later, with Thomas, Twilight, Roary, Theodore, their Teams, Mumfie, his friends, WALL-E and EVE.

Thomas: Okay, Everything's already.

Twilight: Cake's ready, Chet?

Chet: (has a clipboard) Already, Twilight.

Princess Celestia: Luna's gone! (shows the note)

Twilight Sparkle: Oh no!

Hiro: (gasps) LUNA'S GONE?!

Percy: It Can't be!

Doc: We gotta do something.

Grumpy: We need a plan!

Plankton: That can't be good!

Thomas: Everyone, listen up.

Percy: Princess Luna is captured by Aku.

???: I know Aku!

Spike the Dragon: Who're you?

Samurai Jack: I'm called, Samurai Jack.

Jiminy Cricket: So, How'd you know Aku, Jack?

Samurai Jack: He's the Master of all Evil and Darkness and my bitter enemy, I will go with you to stop Aku.

Flash Sentry: Glad to have you with us, Jack.

Sunset Shimmer: We'll need all the help we can get.

Twilight Sparkle: We must get to Aku's hideout, defeat the villains, rescue Princess Luna and save the wedding! Now, who's with Thomas and me?

Roary and Theodore: We're a team.

Plankton: Count us in!

Karen: I can track those villains quick enough.

Skarloey: My friends and I will come.

Wreck-It Ralph: Wait. We'll come.

Gordon: Ralph? Vanellope? Felix? Calhoun? What are you doing here?

Vanellope von Schweetz: We're coming with you to rescue Luna.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Us too.

Percy: SpongeBob! Patrick! Squidward! Sandy! Mr. Krabs!

Emmet: Me and my friends too.

Eddy: Don't forget us.

Emily: Emmet!

Princess Cadance: Eddy, Double-D and Ed!

Steamy: We're with you guys.

Duck: Guys! You're here!

Dash-9: You bet, Duck.

Locomotive 131: Us friends gotta stick together

Shining Armor: Loco 131!

Princess Celestia: Loco 131 and I will come.

Thomas: Everyone. Let's rescue Luna.

At SpongeBob's train's shed.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Feast your eyes, guys.

Emmet: What is it?

Plankton: That is one amazing train!

SpongeBob SquarePants: Meet The SquarePants Locomotive.

Benny the Spaceman: Cool!

Puffy: The Diesel Squad give it to him.

Pincher: Let me and SpongeBob show the features of the train.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Right, Pincher.

Pincher: Passenger Boxcars.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Fresh Cool cart.

Pincher: and on the Caboose, plenty of Food and Drinks which includes the Refrigerator.

Ed: Wow!

Pincher: Yeah. Wow.

Bad Cop: Alright, No more chit chat.

Good Cop: Let's save Princess Luna.

WALL-E: Woah.

Chet: SpongeBob, Don't you need a drivers license?

SpongeBob SquarePants: You don't need license to drive the train.

Ed: Let's do this!

White Shadow: White Shadow!

Smoove Move: Oh yeah!

Dusty Crophopper: (his propeller spins) Right! (takes off)

Hiro: I am coming for you, Luna!

Princess Celestia: Let's go!

Thomas, Twilight, Roary, Theodore and their friends set off on the rescue mission.

Skipper Riley: Be careful, guys.

Dottie: Careful, Dusty!

Chug: Go, Thomas and Twilight!

Sparky: Whoo! Yeah!

Mayday: Good luck, fellas!

Wilbur: Careful, Nellie.

Cardigan: Good luck.

Dottie the Otter: Who's in charge?

Shifu: I am.

Po: So're me and the gang.

Shifu: Don't worry, they will be fine.

(Still I Fly song starts)

Thomas: Don't worry, Celestia, We'll rescue your sister if we work togther.

Princess Celestia: You're right, Thomas, Let's go.

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