This is how Tirek gets the Magic of Friendship for Starscream goes in My Little Pony Transformers Animated: Endgame.

[On the Nemesis, Starscream watches his motionless army]

Starscream: Soundwave, Tirek, the protoforms.

[Soundwave and Tirek place protoforms inside the Starscream Supremes. The grow body parts and their faces are completely blank. Starscream smiles]

Starscream: Shockwave, the Magic of Friendship.

[Shockwave powers himself and electricity appears in between Shockwave's horns and Shockwave touches the Mane Six with his hands and electricity flows through them. The Mane Six wake up and Shockwave transforms to Longarm Prime]

Longarm Prime: Then let's begin.

[Longarm Prime transforms back into Shockwave and turns his horns down to the Mane Six and electricity appears between his horns and Shockwave fires the electricity at the Mane Six and they crinch. The Mane Six slip into unconsciousness but still face upward. Their bodies begin to glow]

Starscream: How I've waited for this moment.

[Thundercracker lands on Starscream, knocking him down]

Thundercracker: Me. Let the Magic of Friendship imprint on me.

[Tirek punches Thundercracker down]

Tirek: [to Starscream] I will protect you, master. [turns to face Starscream]

[The Magic of Friendship comes out of the Mane Six's bodies and flows towards Tirek. Tirek turns around to absorb it and the Magic of Friendship goes in his mouth and flows into him. Thundercracker gets up and watches Tirek get the Magic of Friendship]

Thundercracker: Ha. Once again the mighty Starscream has failed.

[The Magic of Friendship finishes coming into Tirek's mouth]

[Starscream gets up]

Starscream: Have I?

Thundercracker: Oh, you don't actually expect me to believe you planned that.

Starscream: Instilled with my own powerful personality, the clones might try to overthrow me, but not so my most loyal lieutenant.

Tirek: Ah, I am honored, my lord. Ah, Starscream trusts me the most.

[He stands smiling]

[Tirek grins as the Magic of Friendship comes out of his mouth and into one of the Starscream Supremes' head. Tirek finishes dosing them and the Starscream Supreme gains a face and the other two do as well]

Starscream: Finally, my Supreme army stands before me. [points at the Winx Powered Autobots] Now attack!

[Nothing happens]

Starscream: Why don't they move?

[Shockwave looks at the Autobots]

Shockwave: Their magic.

Starscream: What?

Shockwave: The Winx have enpowered them with their magic and it's somehow stopping your army from responding.

Starscream: Well then find something that will make them move.

Shockwave: Right away.

[He leaves to do so]

[Minutes later, he returns with a crystal]

Starscream: What is that?

Shockwave: It is what they call a seal.

[He holds it]

Starscream: Perfect.

[He gives to his army and they start to move]

Starscream: Excellent. [points at the Autobots] Now execute them!

[They nod and move out]

[The Autobots continue practicing]

Optimus Prime: This power the Winx gave us will help us win the fight against the Cons.

[Ratchet focuses]

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