This is how Tish and Sci-Ryan recover in The Creation of Ryan Tokisaki.

[At the medic bay. Sci-Ryan and Tish are in bed. Tish wakes up]

Sci-Ryan: [in his sleep] I could protect you...

Tish: Uhhh. My head. Sci-Ryan?

[Sci-Ryan wakes up and saw Yoshinon]

Yoshinon: Wakey-wakey, eggs and bacy.

Sci-Ryan: Huh? A rabbit that can talk? That is cool.

Yoshino: Umm. You and Tish are ok.

Sci-Ryan: Where's Tohka? And Evil Anna?

Yoshinon: Guess they are here. Good thing you made a recovery.

Sci-Ryan: Me and Tish were knocked out by Kotori's weapon.

Tohka: Sci-Ryan. You are ok. Ryan and Shido are so happy you are ok.

Yoshinon: Looks like Evil Ryan's magic didn't work. It's a good thing the Shadowbolt woke up before I cut him open.

Yoshino: Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.

Sci-Ryan: It's ok. I forgive you, Yoshino. What happened to Kuryan? And Iago?

Tohka: Ratchet came to them so they can recover. Kuryan got a chance to get away after you and Tish tried to protect him.

Sci-Ryan: I think so. I recovered Kuryan's Keyblade just before... Kotori blast us. Right, Tish?

Tish: Yeah.

Yoshinon: I guess it's like that show I watched. I remembered that Ratchet was here and Ryan was laying there, wondering what did happen to him.

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