To Cybertron and Back Again is a new movie.


  • This movie involves Unicron, Thunderwing and the Terrorcons working for Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling followers.
  • This movie is set in the Transformers Prime universe and takes place on Cybertron.
  • Team Prime (Optimus Prime, Wheeljack, Knock Out, Smokescreen, Ratchet, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Ultra Magnus, and Arcee) will help Starlight, Thorax, Discord and Trixie rescue their friends.
  • The Terrorcons follow the group.
  • Bumblebee has his Beast Hunters paint job and voice box.
  • Metroplex appears in this movie.
  • Arcee and the Autobots will gain their Beast Hunter armor when they defeat Queen Chrysalis.
  • Optimus will be making all the rescue plans.
  • Primus appears with a body of his own.
  • The Autobots will discover their beast abilities during the movie.
  • Wheeljack will create a diversion to distract the Changelings.
  • Instead of being cocooned, the Princesses, Shining Armor, Flurry Heart, and Twilight's friends are placed in prison cells, while Twilight is placed under a mind control spell by Queen Chrysalis.
  • Unlike the mind control Shining Armor, Queen Chrysalis finds the mind control Twilight Sparkle completely useful.
  • Metroplex and Omega Supreme tag team Trypticon.
  • Metroplex defeats Queen Chrysalis by slamming his fist on her.
  • Twilight revives Queen Chrysalis.


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