(In the wood)

Pumbaa: THERE'S no use!

Twilight: He's right...

Rabbit: We'll kill OURSELVES, if we get near Lazarus!

Garfield: Now that we're back in the Hundred Acre Wood, I'm going to chow down on my lasagna...

(Garfield grabs out his pan of lasagna)


Garfield: That was a good pan...

Yakko: HOLD UP!

All: Huh?

Yakko: We couldn't defeat him, because we didn't have the powers strong enough to defeat HIM!

Wakko: SO?

Yakko: I'm saying, that we'll defeat Lazarus, if we use our Z-powers!

Dot: That's a great idea, Yakko!

Pooh: So, are the Z-rings charged up?

Rabbit: JUST about it!


(Everyone snaps their Z-rings on)


Waffle: I'm calling frontsies!

Pooh: I guess we're off to the HQ, right?

Gordon: There's NO HQ, lads 'n lasses!

Rabbit: There is, but you don't know where it is yet!

Rabbit: Follow us, to that tree over there!

Gordon: Alright lad, if ye wish...

(The team arrive at the tree)

Gordon: That's odd, there's an door here, and...

(Gordon opens the door)


Pooh: You see, everywhere in the wood, there are entrances to the HQ....

Rabbit: For example, one of the carrots in my garden, is actually a switch to activate the jet!

Tigger: We have to defeat Lazarus, remember, buddy boy?

Rabbit: THAT'S right, I forgot...

(The team walks to a cavern-like entrance, with a sign reading "Quicktunnelz, Down Her")

Piglet: Is-Is everyone ready?

Pooh: Yep!

(Rabbit pulls a switch, right by the track)

Rabbit: HERE we GOOO!

(The quicktunnel cart quickly speeds up)


Gomez: Eh-Eh-Eh-Eh!

Waffle: MY belt!

(Waffle's seatbelt clicks apart, as an result of the speed that has been reached by the cart)

Gordon: (Gasps) WAFFFLE!


Gordon: HANG---

(The cart stops)

Rabbit: Everyone, follow me!

(The team reaches an part of the HQ, inside the bottom roots of the tree)

Rabbit: Let's jump on this spring!

(The team steps on a giant spring)

Pooh: Here we--

(The team fly out of the tree, right into Lazarus' castle)

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