Todborg, the feared Mechanical Onslaught Toadbot and Victorious Saint of the Machine Men Army

Toadborg is KOMPLEX's assistant, the unofficial head of the toad forces, victorious saint of the Machine Mentoad Army, and a brilliant military mastermind. He is stressed and constantly grows tired of mundane toad idiocy and is feared by his fellow victorious saints. First appeared in "War of the Warts." Toadborg still seeks sources of unlimited energy for himself and KOMPLEX. Toadborg was originally a toad storm trooper named Cyrus the Wort who died in the battle of Noctur II ten years ago and was remade by KOMPLEX. Part of Cyrus remains alive and inside the metal armor. Bucky knows this, but he does not know that Toadborg was once Cyrus, the toad responsible for the death of his family. Relegated to menial labor after Willy DuWitt escaped the toads' clutches, Toadborg redeemed himself by locating and destroying the auxiliary SIA station single-handedly. He participated in the toad takeover of Genus. When Bucky was captured on the Toad Homeworld, Toadborg fought him, revealing that he has fashioned a lightsaber for himself. Bucky later stabbed Toadborg with his lightsaber, destroying what was left of his organic toad body. He was rebuilt and landed on Earth to make sure of the invasion of Earth to be successful. Unfortunately, thanks to Dave and his friends, his brain was hit by a boulder and was locked up in the North Pole prison complex of the Naughty along with the other toads. But Well-Done, escaped from Turtle prime, freed the toads and given the toad soldiers mutagen and made them more deadly than ever along with a new fortress in outer space. He later rebuilt his brain and has been as serious as before. He later have the ability to transform into a tank, a motorcycle, and a jet whenever he needed to and summon mini toadbot minions from his chest component like Soundwave. He has Crumble, Benzy, Desecrator, and Blastbill. He later created his own army fo Komplex in which he has a 1,000 armada of Toad Vacubots

His Mutant Soldiers for the Toad Empire

  1. Kongbot
  2. Metaborg
  3. Laserbot
  4. The Elimintor
  5. Spiderbot
  6. Gunslinger
  7. Drillbot
  8. Shish-Kebot
  9. Cobrot
  10. Frogbot
  11. Snowbot

His Mutant Soldiers for the BlackCat Empire

  1. Diskbot
  2. Spikebot
  3. Vacbot
  4. Shoulderbot
  5. Crainoid
  6. Footbot
  7. Terminoid
  8. Electrobot
  9. Samson
  10. Rollbot
  11. Mechanoid
  12. Vanbot
  13. Shark Fin
  14. Irradiator
  15. Stingbot
  16. Serpentoid
  17. Photobot
  18. Chlorophoid
  19. Cycletron
  20. Obotatron
  21. Lizardbot
  22. Bazookabot
  23. Fanbot

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