Gary Stands By is the fifteenth episode of season 4 in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles.


When Tod returns from the Steam Works, the trucks, prompted by their ringleader, Larry, sing a rude song to spite him, and refuse to stop even when threatened by some of our heroes. And "Gary" fearing that the matter may escalate, and the next day he ask to speak with Tod and gives him an idea. Tod, feeling a sense of responsibility, agrees with Gary. Tod shunts Larry and his lieutenants and prepares to pull them, but Larry whispers to the trucks to hold back, and they do. Tod, however, is determined and simply pulls Larry apart. When Geri scrutinizes the remains, he attributes it to Larry's poor build and decides to have him repaired. After the incident, the trucks become fearful of Tod and whisper to each other not to anger him. Larry, who was repaired, wisely keeps his mouth shut.



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