Tod returns to the other Railway is the eleventh episode of season 4 in Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles.


Tod is now getting use to freight cars. But that all changes one day, when the manager sends him to the other railway. Tod agrees, but was very nervous of going back. Soon, he, his driver, and firemen started the next morning and it took them all day to get to the border, once they cross it, it was dark and Tod heard strange sounds. As he continues, he heard the wind hollow in old steam engines.

Then after shunting the trucks, he was resting in the smelter's shed. But unknown to him or his driver, and direman, two familiar diesels rolled up in front and they woke up Tod. After he did, there was Samantha and Slate! They forced him to back up to a melting pit behind him. As he backed up, he knocked the buffers into the pit. And before they could force him further, someone said "STOP!" There, up on a platform, stood the manager. And orders the diesels to leave, then Tod told him "There's No Place Like Home". And he sets off for home.


  • This episode is loosely off the Thomas and Friends episode, "Stepney Gets Lost".


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