Here is how Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake woke up on a very big day in The Birthday Cakes.

One great day, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake were awake.

Pound Cake: Good morning, Pumpkin Cake.

Pumpkin Cake: Good morning, Pound Cake.

Dagget: Good morning.

Norbert: Sleep well, You two?

Pound Cake: We sure did.

Wheelie: Great, Have we got a surprise for you two.

Pumpkin Cake: Really? What is it?

Brains: Come on.

Pound Cake: Oh boy, I can't wait.

Then, As they went downstairs.

The Cake Family and Pinkie Pie: Surprise!

Pinkie Pie: Happy Birthday!

Pumpkin Cake: I thought you guys forgot about our birthday!

Dagget: We'd never forget about your birthday. We're here for you no matter what.

Norbert: Come on, Dag, Let's get going.

Dagget: Right behind you, My brother. Pardon us.

So, Wheelie, Brains, Dagget and Norbert left to tell Yuna.

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