Here's who the tomb of the Lamp goes in Brian and The Wrath of Jafar.

[we return to Brian and the others]

Brian: We're getting close.

Flik: How can you be so sure?

Brian: I saw it before me and Jasmine's duel.

Flik: Oh. Okay.

[They climb up stairs]

[and then at the top, on a stone perch was an oil lamp]

Francis: This is what we came for? An old lamp?

Brian: Yes.

Jasmine: Taking something? [activates her lightsaber]

Brian: Yeah, the lamp! [activates his lightsaber]

Jasmine: I don't think so. [combines her other lightsabers to a double bladed one]

Brian: Oh God.

Francis: Does your's do that too?

Brian: Shut up, and let me fight.

[they clash their lightsabers]

Brian: Jasmine, cut it out!

[they continue clashing their sabers at different angles]

Brian: Jasmine, please! This is not you!

Jasmine: Quiet! [zaps lighting]

Brian: [blocks it with his lightsaber] Jasmine, stop! You're not a Sith! You're a princess! You're Nyx's godmother!

Jasmine: Huh?

[flashback plays]

Jasmine: I will be happy to be Nyx's godmother.

Twilight: Thanks.

Nyx: [giggles]

[Flashback ends]

Jasmine: No!


Jasmine: [force chokes him] NO!!! You're lying to me!!

Brian: [choking] No! I'm not! I'm telling the truth! Jasmine! Stop! You're not a Sith! You're not Jafar's stooge!

Jasmine: [releases her as pain is hurting her] SOMETHING'S WORNG!! MY HEAD!!!

Brian: [gasping for breath]

Jasmine: [thoughts playing her]

Brian: Jasmine?

[Flashbacks start playing]

Nyx: She won't bite?

Jasmine: No, come here Rajah.

[Rajah then comes in and then goes up to Nyx]

Nyx: [is at first nervious but she then puts out her hoof prepared for what could come]

Rajah: [nuzzles her]

Nyx: Huh? [sees he's harmles]]

Jasmine: See? She's harmless.

Nyx: This is cool.

[then Rajah pounces her and starts licking her]

Nyx: [giggles]

[flashback ends]

Jasmine: [transforms back to her original clothes] Brian... I remember... [faints]

Brian: Jasmine! [deactivates his lightsaber] [checks a heartbeat]

Dim: She dead?

Brian: No, she's alive. Bud get over here!

Nightstriker: [growls] (he then rushes over)

Brian: [places Jasmine on his back] Don't worry, you're gonna be okay. [grabs the lamp]

Nightstriker: [growls]

Brian: We'll spend the night here.

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