[Some Poyomon fly across the sky.]

On a field below Koji looks at the sky. 

Koji: The wind in the Digital World smells pretty sweet. 

Ryan: Yeah. Reminds me of Sora's world.

At the Flame Terminal’s train station. 

Neemon: If you really want to go home, all you have to do is hop on here. 

JP: It’s that easy? 

Otto: There.

He points to a Trailmon. 

Bokomon: Neemon! A word please! 

He pulls Neemon by the pants away from the others. 

Bokomon: What exactly are you trying to do?! 

JP: I’m takin’ that bad boy home, huh, how bout it guys? 

Otto: Let's go home.

No one answers and behind them Bokomon pulls on Neemon’s pants then lets them snap back. 

JP: Uh, don’t tell me you really want to stay here do ya? Ugh! Fine, you dweebs, enjoy your little digital freak show. Come on Tommy, let’s blow this stupid pop stand. 

Otto: Let's go, Fico.

Tommy and Fico doesn’t move. 

Zoe: Aren’t you going with him? 

Tommy: I’ve decided I want to stay here with you. 

Takuya turns around shocked. 

Takuya and Zoe: Huh? 

Zoe: Huh? I thought you wanted to go home. 

Tommy: Not anymore. 

Fico: Nope. I am staying.

Takuya shoves him and Fico to JP whose on the tracks below. 

Takuya: Go with JP, it’s dangerous here, Tommy. Besides the third grade is a formative year. 

Tommy: No. 

Fico: We can't. 

Takuya: Go home, hurry up now! 

JP helps Tommy down. 

Takuya: Take care of him JP. 

He and Doki turns to Zoe, Mundi, Gabi, Anabelle. 

Takuya: How bout you, huh? 

Zoe: I have a name. 

Takuya: Okay, Zoe, Mundi, Gabi, Anabelle, are ya leaving? 

Doki: Right now?

Zoe: Why? Would you miss me? 

Gabi: And me?

Takuya: Me and Doki won’t be responsible for your safety, you know? 

Doki: Yeah.

Zoe: Good one, Romeo, I’ll be fine. 

Mundi: Yeah, we will.

Takuya: This oughtta be fun. 

Trailmon: Choo! Choo! 

It leaves. 

Neemon: Arrivederci! 

Takuya, Zoe, and Bokomon: Nice pronunciation. 

Neemon: Thank you. 

Takuya sees JP, Fico, Otto and Tommy walk over. 

Takuya: Hey! What’re you doing here?! 

JP: To be honest, I have absolutely no idea.

Fico: Me too.

Otto: So am I. 

Tommy: Me neither. 

Zoe: Well I’m not gonna be responsible for your safety, you’re on your own. 

All but Takuya and Doki laugh. 

Takuya: Wait a minute, are you mocking me and Doki? You are aren’t you?! Man, you try to be nice to a girl. 

Doki: This is Stupid.

The kids and digimon walk along the Trailmon tracks. 

Bokomon: Uh, I hope you plan on helping us, Mr. Takuya and Doki. 

Takuya glances at him. 

Takuya: Hm? 

Bokomon: You carry with you the spirit of Agunimon and spirit of Dogmon, one of the Ten Legendary Warriors and six Pupils. You can defeat the digimon turned evil by Cherubimon, only you have the power to save us! You must help us return the parts of the Digital World that have been destroyed! 

Takuya: I think you need to calm down, buddy. 

Bokomon: My name’s Bokomon and I’m not your buddy! I don’t think you understand the summarily of the situation here! 

Zoe and JP: Hm. 

Bokomon: Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. But we need the data from the fractal code, it’s the only way to rebuild the Digital World. Please, help us get the fractal code back, save our world before it’s too late. Will you? 

He doesn’t answer. 

Bokomon: Neemon! Don’t just stand there like a cheap TV antennae, I need your help! Say something! 

Neemon: Some...thing. 

Bokomon: Are you really that dense or do you just do that to annoy me?! 

He snaps Neemon’s waistband again. 

Their D-Tectors go off in their pockets. 

Takuya: Huh? 

Doki: What the?

They take them out. 

D-Tector: Attention, go to the Forest Terminal immediately. 

Takuya: What’s a Forest Terminal? 

All: What is a Forest Terminal? 

Takuya: How am I supposed to find it? Hey, hey answer me! 

He takes out his book and reads it. 

Bokomon: The Forest Terminal is a station located deep within the realm of the Forest Kingdom. Oh. We just follow the tracks, they’ll take us right to it. 

Neemon: How far do we have to follow them? 

Bokomon: Well let’s see it says, it says, uh all the way! 

All: Uh! 

Takuya: You’re just full of useless information, aren’t you? 

Tommy hums as he walks on the train tracks 

Bokomon notices Neemon looking at the Flame Terminal and the kids keep walking. 

Bokomon: Neemon, is there something wrong? 

Neemon: I guess I’m a little homesick. 

Bokomon: Then just go back, big baby! 

Neemon: Hm...should I stay? Should I go? Should I stay? Should I go? 

Bokomon: Come on you wishy-washy pain in the pants, if you get too whiney I’ll just mail you back. 

Along the tracks. 

Takuya: What made you change your mind about goin’ home? 

JP: Hm? Well I didn’t have much goin’ on back there anyway and I thought it might be kinda fun to hang out with you guys and get to know ya a little better. 

Takuya: Ha, get to know Zoe and Anabelle you mean! 

JP and Otto's face turns Red. 

JP: Hey that is not what I meant! 

Otto: Yeah!

Takuya: Then why ya all red, buddy? 

Doki: Oh. You're embarrassed or something?

JP: It’s hot out, I’m sunburned! What grade are you and your dog in anyway? 

Doki: Sixth. As if, I'm great at it.

Takuya: Sixth, is that a problem?  

JP: Huh, well I’m in seventh grade! 

Otto: I'm in... Uh...

Takuya: Huh, like I’m supposed to care. 

Doki: Me too. I hope the techno-organic is ok.

JP: Like I care if you care! I should’ve bolted from this digi-dump when I had the chance. 

Zoe: Tommy, Fico, why didn’t you go home? 

Tommy: I decided I want to be like Takuya. 

Fico: I want to be like Doki.

Zoe: What? 

Tommy: To become a digimon so I won’t be scared all the time. 

Fico: Me too.

Zoe: Hm. What about your Mom and Dad waiting at home? I bet they’re worried. 

Tommy: Uh! Hm...I miss my parents, but when I come back I won’t be afraid anymore, so they’ll forgive me for being gone. 

Fico: It's ok.

He continues to walk on the tracks. 

Zoe stops and looks at him. 

Zoe (thinking): For such a little kid he sure has big problems. 

Day turns to night and the kids are at the edge of a cliff where the Trailmon tracks are broken on both sides and they all look down. 

Bokomon: Uh, this is a fine mess. 

Zoe: So what now? 

JP: Check it out guys, that trail leads to the bottom. 

Otto: Are there lights?

They see lights. 

Takuya: Looks like a village down there, maybe they can help us. 

They run down the stairs on the cliff side. 

A silhouette of a two candle looking digimon appears on the wall where they’ve passed. 

Digimon #1: Humans! 

Digimon #2: Human children! Why I oughtta! 

Digimon #1: What’re they doing here? 

Digimon #2: Well I tell ya, nothing good. We’d better enlighten the boss. 

They arrive at the bottom. 

JP: That’s weird, I could’ve sworn those lights were coming from right here. 

Zoe: Looked like that to me. 

Tommy: Takuya. 

He tugs on Takuya’s shirt. 

Takuya: Uh. 

He turns and around and the rest follow. 

Takuya: What is that? 

They see sixteen inscriptions on the wall and an engraving of an angel next to it. 

Zoe: Kinda pretty. 

Bokomon: Pretty? Pretty she says. 

He looks in the book again. 

Bokomon: These are the marks of the Ten Legendary Warriors and Six Warrior Pupils! 

All: The Ten Legendary Warriors and Six Warrior Pupils! 

Neemon: Hm...I’ve never heard of them. 

Bokomon: Are you serious?! The Legend of the Ten Warriors is the first thing we learned in Digital World history! 

Neemon: I musta been sick that day, but they sure are pretty. 

Bokomon reads something from the book. 

Bokomon: Uh! In ancient times there were terrible wars between humanoid digimon and beast digimon for control of the Digital World. One day an angel digimon called Lucemon appeared and taught them how to resolve their differences and live in peace and the fighting stopped. Lucemon was a wise, kind ruler, but the peace in the Digital World was short-lived. Lucemon, obsessed with his power, began to torment the peace loving digimon until they could take no more. It was then that the ten brave warriors rose up against him, after a fierce battle, they defeated Lucemon, restoring the peace. The legend says that one day the spirits of these ancient warriors will rise again in times of troubles. 

Neemon: Read it to me again. 


He puts it away. 

Tommy: I know that symbol. 

Zoe: It’s the same one we saw when Takuya spirit evolved into Agunimon. 

Flashback to Agunimon’s symbol glowing on his belt. 

End flashback. 

Tommy: And that mark next to it was the one on Koji’s shoulder when he turned into Lobomon. 

Flashback to Lobomon’s shoulder symbol glowing. 

End flashback.

Doki: Huh?

He saw a Symbol from Dogmon

Doki: That's the Symbol from Dogmon.

Flashback to Dogmon's Wrist symbol glowing.

End flashback 

Zoe: I wonder if I’ll be next, oh I hope my Digimon’s cute! 

Gabi: Mine could be like that techno-organic friend of this Sora fella.

Tommy: I’m gonna be the biggest, scariest digimon ever! 

Fico: Mine could be powerful.7

JP: Not likely, shorty. I mean there’s no way we’ll all get to be digimon. 

Otto: I think we could do the same.

Takuya: Huh? 

He turns and sees digimon. 

Takuya: We’ve 

All: Huh? 

They turn and see candle digimon. 

The oldest candle digimon, holds a giant match stick and a wax moustache, floats forward. 

Elder: Why have you humans come to our village? You are not welcome here. 

Takuya: We’re on our way to the Forest Terminal. Sorry to disturb you, we’re just passing through. 

Elder: You’re melting my heart. 

The candle digimon tribe: Ooh, that’s a no-no! 

Elder: You mean to steal the ancient artifact from us, don’t you? Well you won’t get away with it! 

Candle digimon #1: He’s right! The humans must be punished! 

Candle digimon #2: Hey boss, you want us to wax ‘em for ya? 

Bokomon runs in front of Takuya and Doki. 

Bokomon: Wait! Stop, let me explain! These humans have come to help us save the Digital World, not steal some artifact. 

Takuya: But we didn’t know that at first. 

Bokomon: You’re not helping. This may be hard to believe, but somehow this boy was infused with the spirit of one of the Ten Legendary Warriors, Agunimon. And this dog was infused with the spirit of one of the Six Warrior Pupils, Dogmon.

Elder: Did you say Agunimon and Dogmon? Impossible! 

Candle digimon #1 That’s a hot one! 

Candle digimon #2: What if they really is them? 

Candle digimon #3: They're just pullin’ our wicks. 

Kids: Uh. 

Elder: Well isn’t this interesting? 

The elder and two other Candlemon talk amongst themselves and then the elder floats to Takuya and them. 

Elder: Please forgive our rude behavior, my dear young friends. We are the Candlemon Tribe, it is our sacred duty to protect the ancient artifact. So which one of you inherited the Spirit of the Legendary Warrior and Warrior Pupils? 

Bokomon: It was this one, Takuya and Doki. 

He points. 

Takuya: Uh... 

Doki: Yeah..

Elder: Ah well you certainly have a brave face, young man. On behalf of all the Candlemon Tribe, I bid you all welcome. Please, be our guests. 

Takuya: Something doesn’t seem quite right. 

Elder: Come along, don’t dawdle. 

They arrive at a fire, with the Candlemon dancing around it with clovers singing ’ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha’ and there’s a giant stick in it with engravings in it. 

Takuya: Looks like a giant birthday party. 

Elder: It’s for you, my friends! A welcome ceremony, enjoy! Come closer, feel the warmth of the flame! 

Candlemon: Ha! 

They toss some clover into the fire and it spreads a green dust that the Candlemon spread by waving their arms. 

Bokomon holds up one of the clovers. 

Bokomon: Uh! Look at this! It’s sleeping clover! 

Neemon: It’s nappy time anyway. 

Zoe: I can’t keep my eyes open. 

JP: Yeah. 

Tommy: Night. 

Fico: Nighty-night.

Otto: I'm asleep.

Elder: So you’ve claimed the Spirit of Agunimon and Dogmon, have you? Ha! We’ll soon shed some light on this! 

Everyone’s asleep and the Candlemon attack them, waking them up. 

The Candlemon have Bokomon and Neemon tied up and the kids are swimming in the river next to the candle. 

Bokomon: Takuya! Zoe! JP! Tommy! Doki! Fico! Gabi! Mundi! Anebelle Run! 

Candlemon #1: Yeah run, humans! Lava Loogie! 

They spit fire at them and they swim away in the river next to them. 

Takuya: Go under! 

They swim away. 

The Candlemon look for them. 

Elder: Find them! Don’t let them get away! 

They pop up behind some rock 

Candlemon #2: Where’d they go? 

Candlemon #3: I don’t know! They just disappeared! 

Candlemon #1: Well they gotta come up some time and when they do we’ll- 

Behind the rocks. 

Takuya: Me and Doki distract them, then on our signal, you guys make a break for it. 

Zoe: Some plan. 

Gabi: What plan?

JP: Hang on a minute, Mr. President, I don’t remember electing you leader of this stupid club. Right? 

Otto: Yeah.

Zoe: Yeah, that’s right. We’re all in this together so any decisions we make we make as a team, okay? 

Tommy: I really want to help but I’m too slow. You guys should just go on without me. 

Fico: Me too. Just leave us some ammo. A little water. Some chips if you have some.

Takuya: That’s not an option! If we spirit evolve to Agunimon and Dogmon we can stomp out the Candlemon. 

Doki: He's right.

JP: Right, spirit boy and dog. Better check your digimon instruction manual before you try something dumb like that again. 

Zoe: He’s right, you shouldn’t try and fight alone, you’re not very good at it yet. 

Mundi: Us too.

JP: Here they come, duck! 

They duck under and the Candlemon pass and they come up again. 

Takuya: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Just get Tommy out of here, okay? 

Doki: And don't let them get you.

He and Takuya swims under and away. 

JP: Okay, let’s move! 

They climb up the rocks behind them. 

Candlemon: I see one of them, get them! 

Zoe, JP, and Tommy: Uh! 

They turn and see Takuya and Doki being chased by two Candlemon. 

They presses the buttons on the D-Tector. 

Takuya: Come on! Help me out here! 

Doki: Please! Make me digivolve!

Candlemon: Lava Loogie! 

Takuya and Doki's D-Tector gets knocked from their hand. 

Takuya: Oh no! My D-Tector! 

Doki: Grab it!

JP: Takuya! 

Candlemon #1: We’ve got you now, human! 

They laugh. 

He and Doki jumps to their D-Tector and holds it up. 

Elder: What? 

Takuya and Doki: Spirit Evolution time! 

A bright light shins from the screen. 

Takuya and Doki: Execute...Spirit Evolution! 

Agunimon: Agunimon! 

Dogmon: Dogmon!

The rest: Yay! Agunimon and Dogmon! 

Elder: Well, I’ll be dipped, the brat really is Agunimon and Dogmon. 

He puts his fists together. 

Candlemon: Lava Loogie! 

Fire wraps around his arms. 

Agunimon: I summon the Pyro Tornado! 

Dogmon: Let's go with an Ars Arcanum!

He throws the fire at them and Dogmon keep slashing at them but it does nothing but makes the fire on their heads bigger. 

Agunimon: Wha? 

Tommy: What’s wrong? 

Zoe: Fire attacks don’t work on Candlemon, he should know that! 

Gabi: We have to do something!

JP: Yeah that wasn’t too bright. Come on, I better get us out of this hole before we get waxed. 

He turns around and slips on some ice. 

JP: I hate ice-skating. 

Otto: I love it!

Zoe: Be careful, Tommy. 

Mundi: Hold on, Fico!

Tommy: I’m trying. 

Fico: I can do this.

JP: Wow, I didn’t see that before. 

Zoe: We’ll be safe from those hotheads in there. 

The Candlemon breathe fire at Agunimon. 

Tommy and Fico fiddles with their D-Tector. 

Tommy: Please give me a spirit, I want to help! 

Fico: Please! Give me a spirit!

JP: Give it up kid, the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors would never give their power to a pipsqueak like you. Looks like it’s really up to me. 

He fiddles with his. 

JP: Oh man, I wish this came with a manual. 

Candlemon: Ceresin Paralyzer! 

Dogmon: Hey! What the!?

Agunimon: That stuff hurts! Aaahhhh! 

The melted wax burns him and Dogmon. 

Tommy: Uh, Agunimon hang on! 

Fico: Stay strong, Dogmon! 

Flashback to Takuya and Doki climbing out on the Trailmon track to save Tommy and Fico. 

Takuya: I gotcha, buddy! 

Flashback to Takuya and Doki pushing him and Koji out of the way of Raremon’s attack. 

Takuya: Look out! 

Takuya sees Koji fall into the Pit. 

Takuya: Oh no! 

End flashbacks. 

Agunimon and Dogmon is stuck in the hardened Wax. 

Agunimon: I can’t, I can’t move anything. 

Dogmon: Me too!

Tommy and Fico climbs down. 

Tommy: Hang on Takuya, I’m coming! 

Fico: Hang on, Doki!

Zoe: Tommy no! 

JP: Stop kid! 

Otto: Please!

They stands in the water and uses their hat and hands to splash water at the Candlemon. 

Tommy: Light out...ya meanies! I won’t be just...a little kid in the way...ever again!

Fico: I can't let you hurt Doki! And I won't stay there and see you hurt him!

A bright light shoots up, a spirit is in it, from the ice cave and goes down to Tommy. 

JP: Wha? 

Otto: Is that?

Zoe: Mama mia! 

Gabi: Whoa!

The spirit floats in front of Tommy and Fico and freezes the water. 

Tommy: Huh? It’s a spirit! 

Fico: Wow.

They holds out their D-Tector and a light enfolds the spirit pulling it into the D-Tector. 

Tommy: Spirit, come to us. 

The spirit goes into the D-Tector and the symbol for Ice and symbol of elements appears on the screen. 

D-Tector: It is time. 

Tommy and Fico : Execute...Spirit Evolution! 

Ottermon: Ottermon!

Kumamon: Kumamon! 

Zoe: That’s amazing! 

Mundi: Awesome!

JP: That’s impossible! 

Agunimon (thinking): It’s Tommy! 

Dogmon (thinking) And Fico!

Neemon: Yay! 

Elder: What in blazes! 

Bokomon looks in the book. 

Bokomon: Ah! It is! It’s Kumamon, the Legendary Warrior of Ice! And Ottermon, the Legend Warrior of Elements!

Ottermon: Let's teach you a lesson!

Kumamon: Time to teach you bullies a lesson! Crystal Freeze! 

He blows ice Ice at one of the Candlemon, freezing him. And Ottermon use his Magic at the Candlemon and froze him 

Two more pop up. 

Candlemon #1: Hey there, teddy bear and otter, you want a playmate? Ha cha! 

He spins into fire and digivolves. 

Bokomon: Wizardmon, this mysterious champion level digimon can make you disappear with his Electro Squall and Magical Game attacks. 

Kumamon: Crystal Freeze! 

Ottermon: Thunder!

Wizardmon: Take off, teddy and otter! 

He kicks Kumamon and Fico away. 

Agunimon: Kumamon! 

Dogmon: Ottermon!

He and Dogmon tries to get to Kumamon and Ottermon but the wax stops them. 

Wizardmon: Ha ha ha, looks like the Great Agunimon has a little problem with waxy buildup. How about a little Magical Game? Ta ta! 

He disappears. 

Agunimon and Dogmon breaks free of the hardened wax. 

Kumamon: That was weird. 

Agunimon: Huh? 

They sees the air looks different where the invisible Wizardmon passes by. 

Wizardmon: Up here! I know, let’s play catch! 

He shoots lightning bolts at Agunimon and Dogmon who dodges them. 

He lands on the ground and becomes visible. 

Wizardmon: Not bad, Legendary Warrior, but I’ve got plenty up my sleeve. Too bad you’re going to lose no matter which Wizardmon you choose. 

He holds up his staff and he creates copies of himself that surround Agunimon and Dogmon. 

JP: Which is the real Wizardmon? 

Otto: I don't know.

Zoe: They all look the same to me. 

Wizardmon: Agunimon, Dogmon, don’t you see? All these Wizardmon are me. We all look real because we are, just try to run, you won’t get far! 

Agunimon: This is just a game! Only one is real and we're gonna find him! 

Dogmon: Which one?

Wizardmon: Every warrior must fall, your time is up, Electro Squall! 

All the Wizardmon attack and Agunimon jumps up. 

Kumamon and Ottermon is behind them and sees only one Wizardmon has a shadow. 

Kumamon: Agunimon! Dogmon! Look down here! Only one of them has a shadow! 

Agunimon: Thanks! 

He and Dogmon jumps down and kicks the real Wizardmon. 

Dogmon: Game’s over! 

The Wizardmon’s fractal code shows and Agunimon and Dogmon takes out their D-Tector. 

Dogmon: I think it's magic.

Agunimon: I never did believe in magic, here’s a trick for ya. Fractal Code...Digitize! 

He scans the code turning Wizardmon back into Candlemon. 

Candlemon: Ha cha cha... 

Zoe: Yay! Molto Buono! 

Mundi: Oh yeah!

JP: Yeah! Melted...what she said! 

Otto: Wow.

Kumamon: Thanks Agunimon. 

Ottermon: You too, Dogmon.

Agunimon: No, thank you. You’re one brave little bear. 

Dogmon: Same as you, Ottermon. You're a great otter.

Kumamon and Ottermon laughs. 

Candlemon #1: Well I guess this proves that they really are the Legendary Warriors after all! 

Elder: Yes, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself. 

Agunimon, Dogmon, Ottermon and Kumamon are shaking hands and they de-digivolve back into Takuya, Doki, Fico and Tommy. 

Elder: You have indeed proven yourselves worthy of carrying the Spirits of the Legendary Warriors, my young human friends. Takuya, Doki, Otto and little Tommy, you have truly honored the great names of Agunimon, Dogmon, Ottermon and Kumamon. I salute you both. 

Later that night. 

Elder: I’m afraid I owe you all an apology. The truth is we thought you might possess the Spirits of Legendary Warriors, but we still had to make sure. I’m sorry we didn’t trust you. 

Tommy: So then all of this has been a test? 


Takuya: That pretty much stinks. You’re lucky I don’t pinch your lights out for that! 

Elder: Ha ha ha ha ha. I’m so sorry, you have every right to be angry. 

D-Tector: Fractal Code rendered. 

Takuya: Uh. 

The Fractal Code flies up. 

All: Oh... 

Bokomon: Wizardmon had the code! 

The Fractal Code creates the missing tracks. 

Elder: Wizardmon help within him the Fractal Code for the bridge which protected our village from evil digimon. Young Takuya, for many years no one has crossed this canyon, but you have my official permission to use this bridge. Follow the tracks and they will lead you to the Forest Terminal, but it is a perilous journey. 

JP: Uh, maybe we should think about this guys, there’s still time to go home. 


Zoe: Hm, hm. You’re just jealous because Tommy and Fico found their inner digimon and you haven’t yet. 


JP: Why would I even care about that? Shorty can have it. It’s just that being here is like working. 

Takuya: And we all know how ya feel about that! 

They all laugh. 

JP: Very funny. 

Otto: What's that?

A Trailmon crosses the bridge and inside is Koji, Ryan, Sora and their friends. 

Takuya: Hey, somebody else just beat us across the bridge. 

Takuya (thinking): I wonder if they're going to the Forest Terminal too.

Doki: Anothe gogglehead? And a bandicoot wearing shoes and blue jeans?

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