Tony Clark

Tony' Clark age 11 (12 in Season 2) he is the youngest of the Spiez and that can sometimes get him into trouble. Tony is a nonsense, go-getter and very hyperactive boy. He is impatient and relies too much on common sense and intuition, as he doesn't like 'thinking', which sometimes leads the spies in deep trouble. His spy suit and his MPCom is yellow, and he seems to like the Freezdiscs very much and shares a room with Marc. Even though he is the smallest clark, he seems to prove to himself and to his siblings that he can achieve a lot of great things. He's at the age were he is reckless most of the time and impulsive compared to his siblings and is the most immature and loud.


Tony is at an immature, loud 11 year old. He seems to be very hyperactive, nonsense, go-getter and somewhat of a 'dare devil' as he goes into action without really thinking of a plan. Although Tony doesn't really like thinking much and can get him into a lot of trouble but, does come up with good ideas sometimes. Even though his siblings think he is out of his mind and not very serious at times, Tony proves himself to be as good as they are. Tony also seems to do the worst in school as, he has trouble in it and makes Marc do it. In Operation Break Out he is shown to not be good at math and is a 'slob' when it comes to his room, he also seems disrespectful to girls.


In his normal appearance, Tony, like Megan, has black hair that is swept up one way and down the other and also has green eyes. He wears a yellow long sleeve shirt under a blue jacket, blue pants, yellow shoes, and a grey belt. He and Megan are the only two to look like Alex from Totally Spies! and to look like there dad - skin tone and hair style.


Tony doesn't always use his brain, but he tends to have some good ideas sometimes. He never drives, only once in Operation Fun & Games, and his sibling think he is not a very good driver. Like his siblings, he's skilled in spy acrobatics.


Even though Tony is a skilled spy, he is impulsive and energectic. He runs off and does his own thing which can get in trouble. And villains take advantage of him because he is the smallest of the Clarks.

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