The Tortuga HQ


The Tortuga HQ with Chris and Martin Kratt, Aviva, Koki and Jimmy Z


Tortuga HQ

is the base and home of the Kratt Brothers' team. It's generally used for travel but can also provide shelter for animals and holds a bunch of devices and what-not.


  • Hover
  • Flight
  • Bouyancy in water
  • Visual Communication to Creature Pods
  • Teleportation
  • Computer
  • Swim
  • Ice sled feet
  • Camoflode



As stated above, the tortuga is based on a turtle. It is very big and a teal-aqua color,in camoflode mode it can be brown,red,yellow,green,basikly colors and patters of all turtles.(Also can be invisibe)also can be ice mode (poler bears dont dance)with sled feet. To get in and out it has lowering steps and its mouth can open to a ramp,also there is a window at the top that opens and closes. Like real turtles it has a very detailed shell.In swim mode its legs turn into flipers and shell becomes a little flater/shorter.


As a major contrast to the outside, inside the Tortuga is majorly colored white and other calming shades like blue and gray.(blue and purple in polar bears dont dance only)A lot of machinery and objects can be found inside. As everyone travels and lives in the Tortuga, is most-likely has normal rooms inside of it. Like bedrooms, kitchen, or restroom,storing room.


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