This is TotalDramaFan3452's version of the Pooh's Adventures intro


Outside the Hundred Acre Wood, where Christopher Robin would play.

You'll find all our friends from the neighborhood

on a very adventureous day.

Two pets Shnookums and Meat are there friends,

and Conker and little Kirby.

There's GoGo

And Mina

And T-Midi

All in the world of Pooh's Adventures.

Pooh's Adventures.

Pooh's Adventures.

All kinds of new friends to meet and new stories to tell.

On Pooh's Adventures.

Pooh's Adventures,

Adventures of that silly old bear.

Pooh's Adventures.

Pooh's Adventures.

New Friends to meet and Enemies to fight too!

On Pooh's Adventures

Pooh's Adventures

Adventures of that silly old bear.

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