Total Drama: Wawanakwa Boys is a new movie. 


Mike has to travel to the human world to get his crown back from Gwen and befriends some of the inhabitants there.


Prologue: The Prince Summit

The movie starts at the sunset. Ryan looks around to see something it's Mike and he's a prince like he is. He runs to Mike, who is wearing a prince outfit and hugs Mike saying "I'm so happy that you became a prince like I became a Prime and a prince!". Mike's friends show up seeing Ryan hugging Mike and Zoey says "That's the first time Mike gets hugged by the Prime-prince.". But Duncan says that they are happy for Mike's first prince summit and Ryan is "Nervcited" to see the thing. When he arrives at the castle, Mike bumps into a girl Princess Odette and she helps Mike up with Ryan and introduces him as "His highness: Prince Mike." Ryan adds "The new Prime: Prince Ryan F-Freeman". They meet with Clay, Macy. Aaron, Axl and Lance (AKA the Nexo Knights) and Clay sees how tired Mike and his friends look so he sends them off to bed. Ryan gets excited to see the Nexo Knights and that night, as Mike tries on his crown, he worries about what will happen now that he's a prince. Ryan tells Mike that even he had became a prince and a Prime but when Mike falls asleep, he has trouble with keeping his alternate personalities under control and Ryan tucks his wings in while he's in bed. But when he fall asleep his wing sticks out. Ryan sighs.

The Legendary Personality crown stolen

That night, a




  • This Strange World
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Time to Come Together
  • Unleash the Magic

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