This is how our Yokai Heroes though that is Tough to be a Yokai in USApyon and Jibanyan in The Road to the Ancient Yokai.

[Our Heroes look so amazed to see this Estate]

Jibanyan: Hey.

USApyon: Hey, hey!

All: (Laugh)

Nekoniko: They actually think we're warriors.

Inumaro: The city of this suckers.

USApyon: We just have to keep this up longer... To load up all the gold and get the heck out of here!

Komasan: Brother, we're as kings!

Komajiro: Komajiro and friends!

Komasan: Komasan and Friends!

All: Mighty and powerful warriors!

Blizzaria: Hello.

[They got frighten]

Blizzaria: (Laugh)

Whisper: Depart, Yokai. Before we... strike you with lighting!

Jibanyan: Beware the wrath of the Yokai Warrior's. Begone!

Blizzaria: Save it for the high priest, Kid. You gonna need it.

USApyon: Jibanyan.

[He still keeping his fighting pose]

Inumaro: Jibanyan! Jibanyan! We been caught.

Jibanyan: Aw...

Blizzaria: Oh, don't worry about that boys. "My only wish is to serve the Warrior's". Remember?

Inumaro: How?

Blizzaria: Well, if you guys wants the gold. And you don't want to get caught, right? You're going to need my help.

Jibanyan: What makes you to think we need you're help?

Blizzaria: Are you serious?

[They had no choice]

Nekoniko: Okay! So, who are you?

Inumaro: And what's you're angle?

Blizzaria: (Laugh) No angle. I want in.

USApyon: In, dani?

Blizzaria: In this game.

Whisper: (Laugh nervously) There's no scam... I mean.. why?

Blizzaria: So I can get out.

Jibanyan: I thought she said she wants in?

Komajiro: She wants in, so she can get out.

Jibanyan: Oh! I got it! Why, nyan?

Blizzaria: Think you're the only ones with better things? Of Adventures? You got you're reason, and I've got mine. Let's not make it personal, okay? It's just business.

All: Oh.

Blizzaria: So whatever city you want to go back. I'm going with you.

All: (Laugh) No!

USApyon: Don't think so, dani.

Blizzaria: Alright. Fine. After all, I'm sure you know... The proper ritual for blessing a tribute, the holiest day in the calendar- Oh! And, of course. You know all about Xibaba. Okay? Good luck, see you at the execution.

USApyon: Wait! Hold it!

Blizzaria: Deal?

Jibanyan: Deal!

Inumaro: Not yet! Let's just see how it works out?

Blizzaria: Oh, really? I suppose you don't need this.

[She has the Loaded Dice and give it to Fuyunyan]

Fuyunyan: How did you get that?

Whisper: Where did she keep those?

Blizzaria: Call me Blizzaria. You're new friend?

USApyon: I'm! That's friend in training.

Blizzaria: Now, put this on. Everyone is waiting.

[They are going to get dress and Blizzaria is looking at them]

USApyon: Do you mind, dani?

Blizzaria: No? Oh! Right, sorry! Excuse me.

[She left]

Jibanyan: Wow! Maybe we should call this place, Ancient Blizzaria.

USApyon: She's a- Whoa! Blizzaria? She's trouble, dani. You don't remember?

Jibanyan: Huh?

Inumaro: The little voice? Remember the little voice? I mena- just for the second that you have one. And what are we saying about Blizzaria?

[Jibanyan look blush]

Inumaro: No! Not that! We are Friends.

Jibanyan: Best friends.

USApyon: We got a plan, remember?

Jibanyan: Get the gold and head back to the city.

USApyon: Yes! And we are pretending to be Warrior's. Now, put in Blizzaria in the mix. What's the voice saying? Listen carefully.

Fuyunyan: Blizzaria, is off limits?

USApyon: Yes! That's right, dani! Blizzaria is off limits. Shake on it.

[They do the handshake]

USApyon: Off limits?

Jibanyan: Beside we were supposed to be Warrior's. We must giving in temptation.

USApyon: Warriors? That's gotta be hard.

Whisper: USApyon, relax. All you have to do is smile, act Bravely and follow our leads.

[They went inside and everybody saw them]


[The song it's Tough to be a God has played]

I hardly think I'm qualified To come across all sanctified I just don't cut it with the cherubim

Inumaro what are you talking about?!

There again they're on their knees Being worshiped is a breeze Which rather suits us in the interim

Interim, interim, its me and him. Oh My God!

It's tough to be a God Tread where mortals have not trod Be deified when really you're a sham Be an object of devotion Be the subject of psalms It's a rather touching notion All those prayers and those salaams And who am I to bridle if I'm forced to be an idol If they say I'm a god, that's what I am

What's more if we don't comply With the locals' wishes I can see us being sacrificed or stuffed

You have got a point there, that's very good thinking

So let's be Gods, the perks are great (Yeah) Ancient City on a plate (Thank you) Local feelings should not be rebuffed

Never rebuff, never rebuff the local feeling No my friend!

It's tough to be a God But if you get the people's nod Count your blessings, keep 'em sweet That's our advice

Some great advice

Be a symbol of perfection Be a legend, be a cult Take that praise,take the collection As the multitudes exult

Don a supernatural habit We'd be crazy not to grab it

You got it!

So sign on two new gods for paradise Paradise!

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